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Welcome to Universal Astrology, where we can explore astrology and astronomy. As well as space weather, solar activity, and earth. At Universal Astrology we use Sidereal astrology, pulling from both east and western interpretations of astrology. While keeping our modern science of Astronomy and Cosmology a part of the discussion. We also observe earth’s activity such as Earthquakes and Volcanos. As well as our sun’s activity such as coronal mass ejections and solar flares. These can produce other affects in our lives such as changes in the Schumann Resonances, and Geomagnetic and Geoelectric Field Changes.

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Space Weather

Space Weather is a very hot topic discussed on this site, together with astrology and astronomy, provides us a new way of understanding what energy is affecting us, how, and what we can do collectively with the energy (for better or worse). In other words, we can now understand what magic is, scientifically.


The sidebar should show today’s moon phase, Schumann Resonance strip from Asia, Enlil Solar Weather from NASA, and Solar Radiance from SODO. Please view the Resources Page to see all of these sites for your self, and to gain more knowledge about how to read these live data tables.

Another great resource that displays space weather and earthquakes in real time, is SpaceWeatherNews.com and SpaceWeatherLive.com