Everyone knows something about astrology, most especially the 12 signs of the zodiac. What’s important to know before exploring too much of this site, is to recognized and appreciate our modern astronomy also. The classic minds who have generally shaped our philosophical understanding of a subject in concept as large as astrology. As to assume that the procession of the equinoxes, establishes over time a wobble that passes through what the ancients have referred to as ages of time (each being ~12,500 years). We recognize the 12 signs and their constellations because they are on the ecliptic plane that the earth travels through while going around the sun, in such a way that they basically; align with the equator pretty well. There are 88 historical constellations recognized in modern astronomy today that around us in space.

Through the classical ages of association and study of both logical and mystical things. Astrology and such things were widely viewed as fringe and indeed, there are many great magical associations to the powers of the planets and their energies. It was the method of divination, which manifested the first ideas of weather predication by a man thought to be mad. However, his predictive charts proved useful over time and saved many lives, another man to be memorable only until after his death. As the weather matches our attention to the daily news for what to wear and how to prepare for the day. It is Venus, Mars, and Jupiter that can give us the best edges in our weather predications, only behind the leading life force of our system that is; the sun.

The Sun is a generously larger than the planets the orbit it, and we are at a slightly oblong path around it. Climaxing our closeness and tilt in the summer, and furthest away with the longest days of the year during the winter months. Even for that half that it is summer, those days are shorter and the winter longer and vise versa.