Archived: Content Schedule for Astrology Purposes

This was an old content schedule for astrology purposes such as posts when I first started blogging daily astrology. I leave it public here as an interesting reference.

Weekly Schedule

Influenced of course by the Planetary Ruler of the Day. 

Read more about this in detail describing day by day coverages of terms, energies, constellations and more explained here!

Astrology Coverage includes:Alchemic Self
Healing Goals or
Perspective includes these themes:
MondayMoonThe Life GiversThird Eye, Pineal, Vision
Magnetic Yin Energies
Ceres, Juno, MoonEmotions, Cycles, Feelings, Harvest, Attract, Recieve
TuesdayMarsThe GuardsSolar Plexus, Yang, Electric Energies
Mars, Vesta, PallasMovement, Actions, Service, Transits, Mission, Give, Form, Produce, Protect
WednesdayMercuryChiron, Hades, Throat Chakra, Knowledge, Wisdom
Healing, Opportunity, Alignment, Transform
ThursdayJupiterThe CreatorsSacred Sacral Chakra & Soul Creation Journey
Jupiter, Neptune, VulcanGrowth, Evolution, Collective Development, Creations
FridayVenusThe UpliftersHigher Heart, Thymus, Heart Chakras, Unconditional Love for All
Mercury, Venus, Sun to EarthRelationships, Personal Inner Life, Connection, Life Path
North Node
Balancing Root and Crown Chakras
Purpose, Direction, Response, Contracts, Commitments, React
SundaySunPluto &
Galactic Center
Balancing Root and Crown Chakras
Vitality, Goal, Faith, Achievement, Meaning
Galactic Perspective for the Collective

It can help to see this all in quick succession to prepare for the year so here are several videos of the charts and what it actually looks like in reality from both a scientific point of view. With the astrological philosophy and geometry of the charts. I have found that the power of numbers plays a role in this to bridge these two together to be understood universally.

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