Rise Above the Surface, from the Inside | Moon in Cancer to Leo, Chrion in Aries

The emotional tide of the Moon in Cancer is swiftly moving into a state of Leo for some warmth and comfort at home today.

All the aspects and connections the moon has today with all the elements getting involved is reminding us how balanced we can be within. We’re lucky for such a day to get connected to all the different parts of ourselves. If you’ve spent any time truly meditating then you have probably pondered all the many versions of your self within. It’s important to know how you are connecting to the earth and nature, your environment and state of hygene is important. So is your mind, communication and aspects of air. When we’re comfortable and excited about life we can sense that our spirit is alive and well within us without anger. And then we can notice at times how calm and nice, and gentle the loving and kind emotions are we get when we look at our kids, and pets. The good feelings are better felt when you are sensing them consciously.

When we take a look at the void of the moon in Aries we can sense a freefall into everything that seems new. Our shadow will be tempted by anything shiny or sparkly to give attention and admiration to. We can’t see the moon in full though, and we’re wanting to warm up and get home to the Kingdom. Be sure to remember your roots to family, the comfort of your own bed, and your oldest friends.

With Chiron nearby in Aries we might have some fresh start on our physical and mental goals or new plans.


The Moon Rules Mondays

For this reason I chose to look specifically at the aspects the moon is making and the related astroid Chioron (healing) and of course the Black Moon point. In my personal experience I have noticed how the moon effects my own moods and hormones. I often can better rely on the moon to tell me when I will have my period than trying to count “the days down”. Anyways, it affects the water within our bodies and the planets, it has to do with affects at the cellular level which is greatly influenced with water. There is amazing experiments done with water that show how our thoughts and energy affect the molecules and structure of water. Combined with understanding the negative pull and tendancies wanting to be exposed and released to the Void. That’s really what the Black Moon Lilith Point that is calculated tells us, where the darkest powers and forces of nature are craving and demanding. Most of the time it’s to release the negativity built up within our bodies. For this reason, we would be wise to take this as an opportunity to clean, clense and clear ourselves. How do we get rid of the bad stuff? To me, we give it to the Black Void of the Universe. It is on Monday’s that we can best attune to the ruler of this day. Numberology of the day can also provide clues to releasing the struggles of life. It may be for this reason alone that Monday’s always seem SO CRAZY HARD to navigate, control. Yet it is a day where we accomplish a lot and are driven by our emotional needs to feel alive, capable, and empowered that we are important. You matter. Monday’s matter. The Moon helps us to bring whats inside out into form the rest of the week.

In other words:

“The Mood of the Moon on Mondays Makes Matter.”

Recent Moon News, Cycles, and Sources

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October’s Full Moon was : October 13th, 2019 2:20pm PST
Dark Moon: October 27th, 2019 8:49pm PST
Witch’s New Moon:¬†October 29th, 2019
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