Releasing Old Moments of Success and Failures to Move On | Moon in Leo, Mars in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn

Today is Tuesday, ruled by Mars. We are in a phase of Release in this Moon Cycle in Leo. Release of pride and glory from your previous moments of success (or failure). As your inner warrior is proud of what you have done to protect and serve. Its important to remember that you are still that warrior and you still have much to do to serve yourself and the world. Regardless of the past failures or successes, Mars in Libra reminds us to find balance within the moment. To not forget the past, nor get lost in the future. But to find the balance of passion and purchase in the present moment.

Mars squares Saturn in Capricorn and this can be a difficult decision in regards to responsibilities and passion struggles. How should you take action and for what reason? It may be wise to come up with Plan A, B, and C as backups. Of course Plan A should be the most detailed, focused, and well thought out manifestation of the best case scenarios!

The good thing is that the Moon in Leo is in harmony to Mars, and may allow us the kind of inner confidence to express passion into the project that provides the inspiration for getting all the responsibilities and tasks DONE. Which is really what Saturn and Mars have in common, they see the end result and they both want it to be successful at the end of the day!


Intuitive Collective Conscious Update:

I am really guided to encourage the Masculine within each and every one of us to really aim to find balance within the need to achieve. To know exactly what you want and why you want it. To align what is good for you with what is good for the collective. If your path and purpose are truly in alignment then you will know what the right thing to do is becauses of it’s alignment with the world and what it needs to grow and develop into full maturity.

The Masculines of the collective are really coming into their heart centers to find out what it means to truly love others from the inside. Struggling to tell the Feminines of the world How Much. What are you willing to do for your family? Your friends? What did you come here to do, protect, and serve?

From one inner warrior to another, express yourself from the heart. Take action within your mind based upon what you find there.

Written in the Spirit of the Moon and the Mother