Go Deep to Find Truth Today | Mercury in Scorpio, in Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius

Today is Wednesday, ruled by Mercury the Mental Messenger and Healer, the closest to the Sorce of Light, our Sun. Right now Mercury is digging deeply into how we really feel about ourselves in Scorpio Energy. Being as sensual as Scorpio we can expect to desire to dig deeply into and with others also. Mentally we may feel very interested in emotional healing, even if you are one to normally avoid facing your own self in the mirror.

Right now we have really interesting angles between both the Moon and Jupiter. Moon is also very emotional by nature, and Jupiter likes everything to grow and expand. We may be more in tune with our emotions right now, to the point of feelings being overwhelming! For those that have heavy water elements within, we may see a lot of explosive drama or over reacting to others.

The interesting thing about Mercury today is that it’s in good harmony and communicating with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. So we’re in a good place to dig deep within ourselves to Find the Truth.

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