Being The Humanitarian | Moon in Aquarius & Divine Feminine Energies of the Asteroids

Today the Moon is in Aquarius with 50%+ illumination and we are likely to be Assessing what lies ahead. Our emotional concerns may be more inclined towards the Big Picture and Universal Love for everyone, especially those you love. With a square to the Sun in Scorpio, we may feel that going deep and looking back doesn’t always do us good and can feel like we’re “stopping for no reason”. As the Moon trines Mars in Libra we’re more focused on finding ways to balance every part of our lives. 


How can I find more balance in life with all of my responsibilities and still have fun?!

Making a shortlist of 2-minute tasks and quickly getting them done may feel REALLY great on a day like today! 



Asteroid Goddesses

I also want to include the Astroids on Mondays so that we know where the Goddess energies might be able to lead into feeling better about our selves, life, and health. It’s probably not a surprise that the Moon and the Astroids have this feminine energy in common.

Ceres is sitting in Sagittarius in great alignment with our Galactic Sun. Ceres is concerned with the Harvest, what we are producing and how it is or isn’t bringing home the Grain to feed the Family. Often concerned with the Earth Goddess, but also Medusa. Within Sagittarius, we can consider the Hunt, the Drive, and the Adventure of moving into the future. We’re really thinking about how we can produce a better crop for next year because this year just didn’t add up to what we expected.

Pallus is in Scorpio, encouraging and guiding us through the depths of ourselves, the world, and the universe. We are learning, analyzing, and adapting to an overload of new information about our world, history, and science. As the collective of the human race hurries to uncover the truth and come out of the dark. The Goddess of Wisdom is patient, thorough, and confident in her strategies and purpose. Are you sharing what you are discovering within? Are you making use of your creative inspiration? Are you presenting your children a world of honesty and integrity, or more secrets and doubt?

Vesta, the High Priestess, is in Taurus concerning ourselves with what he has and what we actually want. Encouraging us to take inventory and make sacrifices for what is to come. We’re looking for quality over quantity in all areas of our life. We are well aware right now of the depths of our financial structure, both personal and entrepreneur efforts. This is that time of year where things get tighter and stricter as we prepare for Winter.

In this regard, I feel the shift of a very cold winter like we haven’t had in a great many years. I hope the world is prepared to come together in the following months.


Collective Update

The 11/11 date is approaching and this is a very powerful time beginning next Monday. You may feal especially driven by your own personal path. Many will struggle to stay on the path as if it’s “too hard”. While others become obsessed with their desire to “continue on no matter what”. I encourage you to work together and stay together. The path is easier when you have friends to support you.