Grounded by Mercury in Scorpio with Centaurian Energies of Physical Healing

Mercury remains in Scorpio and is concerned with our morality and human instincts today. Making connections to Agena and Ke Kwan of the Centaurus Constellation. This is actually the Centaur that Sagittarius is sometimes depicted as – but these are truly different energies and concerns. Both of these stars are found in the human part of the Centaur and are friendly to the healing nature of music, athletics, science, and medicine. The energy of both Mercury and Venus will be very strong, friendly and healing by nature today.


We may feel more Grounded today, more connected to Gaia and Mother Earth.


Ceres is in Sagittarius (as discussed on Monday) so we’re really feeling present to harvest and connect with the Divine Mother and Mother Nature.

Chiron is in Aries and ready to try new things. We might take up a new self-care habit, listen to new music, or sign up for the gym for some exercise. Whatever might seem out of ordinary for you usually, might seem like a fresh new change of face.


Considering the depth of the Scorpio energy, the adventurous and caring Centaurus and Aries. We would be wise to take care of our physical bodies and spend some time taking care to eat, sleep, and drink well at this time. This can be a very healing time for us this month.