Jupiter is Giving Subtle Hints to Growth Today

Considering Jupiter is in Sagittarius, still close to alignment with the Galactic Sun. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth, development and creation, ruling our 2nd Sacral Chakra. What’s interesting about today is that it’s aligned to Grumian, a star that hints at the subtle and influences us in ways that we haven’t thought about yet. Which makes grandfather Jupiter really excited!

Whatever you were most discerning about on Tuesday is going to be better illuminated today. (Read Tuesday’s post on Mars here). A harmonious trine between Mars in Libra and Jupiter will help us further discern and decide what is best for our mental and spiritual development at this time.

Alternatively, Jupiter is squaring with the Moon today in Pisces so we might not feel that our emotional desires are lining up with these new ideas. Be careful not to ignore those inner feelings, but discern what is causing them. Today’s influence might crumble a few of the programs that tell us what to do and how to do it. Coming into full maturing about our behavior and attitude that may need to change for your life path to further unfold.

Also found in Pisces currently is Lilith’s Black Moon void and Neptune, in fact, they are both at 16 degrees and in perfect conjunction today. This can be dark and dreary, like having to go into a dark cave and not knowing what you’ll find inside. There will be aspects of your Shadow that are likely to expose what you try to keep locked up in a dark closet of your mind. Old or haunting fears or phobias might come from nowhere. It’s important to take note of how rational you are being about your actions. Take warning of things that make you completely uncomfortable, while not creating fear for no reason! If you are prone to bad dreams that return tonight, try to discern why old patterns are repeating for you and make a strong attempt to understand yourself better and beat yourself at your own game with awareness and maturity. You have learned a lot, it’s about time to consider what you have learned and apply it to things that used to trouble you. There is always a better way to do things, even if what you do is working ‘okay’ right now. Don’t be afraid to strive to ‘do better’ without fear of failure.

Jupiter’s wife Juno is aligned to the Fortune Point in Libra from Virgo today. We have been analyzing every aspect of everything important and it’s time to make decisions that will better balance your life. Where Jupiter is concerned about expanding and creating, Juno is there to help him analyze and decide. These aspects of yourself are about combining your masculine electricity with your feminine magnetism.




Written with the love and insight of Vega