Venus Enters the Adventure Sagittarius has to Offer

Whenever a personal planet is coming through the sign of Sagittarius we can expect a time of adventure, new ideas, and the quest that is life. Venus is heart-centered and loving, and we can have a lot of reason to challenge our inner desires, relationships, and family roots. The pressure will be felt as we align with Antares and Han. These powerful transitions will remind us of our immortality and inability to control anything but ourselves. Archangel Uriel will have a busy day today to help others with their personal troubles and failures. Will you right your wrongs? Will you ask for forgiveness to save the relationships that mean the most to you? Or will you stay strict to your Ego and refuse to move forward. Our own stubborn ways are often the only thing keeping us from the most exciting and fun parts of life.


Get out of your own way today and do something that sparks joy and adventure in your heart. 


The trine to the Moon in Aries is going to really appreciate doing something that feels GOOD. Go on a date tonight or at least, cuddle up and watch a funny movie. One that will make you laugh out loud and bring comfort to you.

Have a movie night with your kids and too many choices of ice cream sundaes. Why? Cuz – WHY NOT?!