Mercury Retrograde effects the Root and Third Eye Chakras this month

Its Mercury’s retrograde season and I know I’m feeling the full effects of this as I look at the world from the outside in. I always have this tendency to look at myself in a third-person view and analyze myself from a distance.

With the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, trining Neptune in Pisces. Were still going very deeply w9thin to heal what we haven’t seen in ourselves for a long time. This whole year it seems has been one big epic purge of everything this world no longer needs. Deep seeded issues and differences have bubbled up to the surface and some of these seem like scary creatures of the deepest and darkest parts of our own ocean of memories.

What has been happening energetically is the Root Chakra is letting up on old survival programs that are now hurting instead of helping. There has been a shift in our 6th Chakra in the pineal gland. With the help of Neptune, were able to see through the veil of loss and illusion. Some people (myself included) are starting to have more frequent dream time remembrance and daily insights from the higher realms of spirituality. Revealing things as truth, that have always been the truth. And also, what has always been false, fake, or delusional.

On a global scale, most of the human race is sharing concerns for our planet, systems, science, and spiritual acceptance.

No matter where you are or what your doing, the Centaur energy that is aligned to our Sun and Mercury is challenging our moral beliefs and questioning our mortal life. Are you here for the first time? The last time? Or have you always been here?

Mercury is here to stay and heal these deep-seated issues within our self-image until December. Take your time to analyze, forgive, heal, and connect to others.

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