Jump Into Action to Reach Your Dreams

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius & Opposes the Moon in Taurus

Today is the day Jupiter enters Sagittarius and is probably excited to go explore and adventure through this energy.

We can see the extent of its vast placements. Jupiter sits in opposition to the Moon in Taurus. This could mean a small challenge to us as we rethink about what we want to have, or what we already have or own. Feelings might grow or lessen when it comes to changes we are making in our lives.

Jupiter is going to want to expand, grow, and adventure without holding back. Sagittarius is a hunter and he wants to go explore and meet new challenges face on. To bring into form the target, the goal, and will use whatever means necessary to achieve these. Perfection is not the concern of Jupiter or the Moon, so let’s make our dreams come true!

This is likely a good time to go after your dreams considering the Trine between Jupiter and Mars entering Libra, as well as Uranus in Aries, ready to back that change!

Just make sure your dreams and recent changes into winter from your harvest this year – that it’s all in effort to produce better results than last year.

I mean common, we’re about to enter 2020! And we’re ALIVE!


Sidereal Astrology

Thus far I have been using the Tropical Western Astrology but because of my spiraled interest in Astrology lately, I have come to respect Sidereal Astrology as it better assists the Universal View I have and share. As well as it’s accuracy in relation to the stars that make up the constellations, of which there are 88.

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