Opening the Heart Chakra for Clarity and Better Relationships

Our friend Venus is sitting in Scorpio still wanting to feel deeply connected to the fluid feelings that create motion. The world is always in motion, and so is the forces that move you into each new moment.


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Venus is aligned (or conjunct) with Jupiter so we have this great aspect of growth to the Heart Chakra that is really expanding our ability to attract and give love. It gets interesting when you look at Venus squaring Neptune in Aquarius because this energy is about connecting with other people and a sense of equality. Neptune is in harmony to several planets today! Mercury and the Sun in Libra, as well as Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius,  aligned to the Galactic Center. So it’s really possible that a good majority of us are able to see, think, and understand more about ourselves and other people in our life.

Able to connect, understand and relate to each other in new ways. It’s a great time to emotionally explain our situations. As well as to embrace each other with unconditional love. Without judgment, past resentments, and old beliefs.

With the Moon passing over the North Node in Gemini we can bet that we are going to feel like we are coming to understand both sides of every situation. We know that we have multidimensional self-image and identity, so we can open up to understanding the complexity of other people too. It’s not about comparing, it’s about assisting and collaborating to create the reality, the environment, the product of each moment and what it means to us within the moment.

If I was to offer a healing recommendation it would be to celebrate the beauty of Relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic, friendship, family bonds, or fellow peers. Whoever is influencing you to have a better day is someone to be grateful for. Be that someone – that someone else – is grateful for today. Intentionally love unconditionally in every opportunity. It’s amazing what love can do when you do it without judgment.

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