Feminine Offerings to Heal from the Moon and Asteroids

The moon is making its way through Capricorn having moved past Vega and aligns with the Lyra constellation this evening. The Waning Gibbous Phase at 65% illumination is carrying themes of feeling Resistance. Thoughts and feelings about what we don’t know or understand – aspiring into a state of knowing and understanding feelings about our reality. Vega has helped water this idea with fluid embraced encouragement to dive in and feel your way through your feelings intuitively to understand your emotions.

What directs your emotions, triggers them, encourages or suppresses, how do you make emotional decisions that drive you forward instead of hold you back?

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Deeping Dive Subconscious Trio

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These are very deep concerns that are having some interesting choices to make in the feminine influences of the asteroids and Neptune. Neptune is happy to be in Aquarius in alignment with Armus, a star of integrity who is willing to bear the weight of the conscious endeavors for reason and structure.

We have a reason to negotiate with our Shadow as the Black Moon void is in alignment with The Crow Star, Algorab in Libra. As you can imagine that Black Crow and Ravens are mysterious, intelligent and associated with death but also secret or hidden information.

This is an interesting combination with Neptune as she is the Veil of illusion and our subconscious. She can reveal or she can cloud, and act as fog. The Crow is keen to be aware of this and the Shadow Self is very aware and controlling of the subconscious plan and serves to encourage the ego or discourages the self depending on the shadow’s purpose and game. It may be a time where we have some nightmares or sudden shifts in depressive moods. Why? Lilith is in Libra, where it attempts to come into Balance are tried and we struggle to know what to do and why to do it.

The Black Moon Sextile to Pallas in Sagittarius, and sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. This deeply driven trio gives us some insight into new pathways and opportunities.

To me, I like to describe Pallas as the Feminine Goddess Warrior, the sister of Mars. She has a strong will to go-do-attitude, of pride, and sometimes ego, such as a “Teenage Princess Warrior” would have at times prone to power struggles. Well right now she’s in the Sagittarius energy and it’s about adventure and exploration. We can assume that the Shadow, the Unconscious, and this Feminine Warrior is going to come alive with new ways to pursue goals and achievements – no matter what and at all costs!

The Self and the Someone-Else

This Trio is up against the efforts of Mars and Venus, as well as the Sun/Mercury duo in Scorpio. The highlight of this week is truly one of Deep searching for the light, for the happiness, joy, and excitement that we all want and desire. Scorpio is about desire, sexuality, identity, the search, the investigator, the study. Our mental mind may be inclined to wander to places it doesn’t normally explore here, or talk about things we normally don’t express.

This delve within is fluid, the water element, and more naturally included to motion and movement because of this similar theme from Neptune/Black Moon/Pallas duo so be aware of this. Intuitively we can make use of this fluid motion if we direct our manifestations with our true desire. The North Node is in Virgo, analyzing and organizing everything into perfect order for clarity of our reality. That right now is the goal for everyone collectively.

Take note of what you find yourself thinking about and release it, heal from it, and let it go. To back this energy up further Proserpino is aligned with Zubeneschamali to encourage more mysterious magnetism in the mental and spiritual realms near the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This may feel like a struggle against the self, but it is actually the dance of transformative development and personal integration that is occurring.

From Lower to Higher Experiences

The worst thing you can do right now is Re-Repress the Emotional Trauma Memories. It’s all coming up from the Root Chakra (Saturn) to be cleared and purged for good, so if emotional things come up then cry about it, process it, call up a friend and let it out. Tell someone, call your counselor, go to NA Meetings. Now is the time to heal these traumas once and for all, or the Shadow will attack and use these as weapons wielded by the divine feminine.

Every cell has memory and they are stored in our body until they are used, released, or expressed. When we hold in our negatively vibrating cells we create stress, disease, and self-made illnesses. If the shadow successfully makes you consciously aware of what the repressed emotions and memories are, then they can be released and the shadow unchained. This is a good thing, as this is the goal of expansion and manifestation, to make new of the old and create via death. Think of the Phoenix, this is the form of Lilith, a divine feminine force and energy of the lower chakras making way to feel in the Heart what is True to it’s Nature.

Vesta is near the South Node of past life, karma, been-there-done-that energy of life that pushes us to face the North. Vesta is here to chase us back to safety like a Shepherd does its sheep. She is the presence of the Priestess of Devotion and she’s in Pisces concerned with unconditional love and acceptance of the mystery. This can be either scary or interesting, the mystery of life.

Vesta is aligned to Fomalhaunt which assists in bringing the material matter into the spiritual matter. Further assisting with our ability to make the past known and become wise of our potential from these lessons learned, and thus transformed.

We are all from somewhere, we’ve all done something for someone

This is what we are reminded of, the Mystery, the Unknown and the Desire for Knowledge and Love. Venus, by the way, is in Scorpio with the Sun and Mercury who are much more inclined to these deeper, mysterious feelings of love and relationships and connections. Backed by the Neptune in Aquarius energy that is leading us into the Age of Aquarius, or the Golden Age of humanity, intelligence, and times of transformation.

Ceres in Capricorn aligned to Nunki is challenging the Trio of depth by encouraging the lower chakras to come into the higher chakras. Nunki is encouraging the spiritual mission of philosophical thought, religion, the soul journey, alchemy, science.
Ceres is the Harvest Mother of Nature and she’s encouraged by the creatures, plants, medicine, life, and knowledge for family and production purposes. Challenging the self to explore the Higher Ground and this is very attuned with the Moon of Lyra.

To take what’s in the heart and move it into the mind and made manifest. And to take what spirit encourages from the subconscious and think about it until you feel what is right to you. Then, you act and you achieve your goals. This is the encouragement that these energies combined have to offer.

The best thing you can do today is to honor yourself and your mental awareness by listening to how you feel. Think about how you feel, and then release it. When you receive new thoughts, think of them and then feel them before you decide to take action. This is the conscious process of using the energies of your chakras correctly. This is the kind of inner integration that the Feminine has to offer this week.

What this might mean for our physical bodies has to do with our nervous system and cerebral cortex of our brains. Throughout the week we may physically feel more energy to our Thymus by Friday.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Clear and align your Chakras
❣️ Get some Amathyst for yourself
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❣️ Clear all past karma and trauma that arises from cellular memory
❣️ Try using Frankincense Essential Oil throughout the week


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