Chiron Holds Key Solutions to Our Biggest Problems

Mercury is resurfacing from the depths into the air by reaching up and out from Scorpio in alignment with Nusakan, the Corona Borealis constellation of the Crown, or eternal Boat.

There is a reason that everyone is concerned with the historical truth of our ancestors, UFOs and coverups, science and government authority disagreements and everything we can see on the Public News these days. Doubled by the informed internet users of current day uncovering and revealing their own journeys, photos, experiments, observations, and research.

Do & Don’t Take It Personally

We are all going through this as individuals just as much as we are a collective, in fact, it is much more personal when we concern ourselves with ourselves. What we see in the world that is wrong and needs adjustment, is a reflection of what we should be doing in our own lives. Realizing that you can only control your self and your own actions should empower you to take action to better the world. Not condemn those who are not, as you are one in that reality. Shifting up and out of old patterns and shadows that tell us that we “can’t” are not going to hold anymore. You won’t allow yourself to stay settled in the darkness of secrecy for much longer. Prepare yourselves to transform from the cacoon, because the time of transformation is close and apparent to anyone who is looking within themselves to any degree of depth.

Mercury is making sense of the North Node and the South Node as a bridge of understanding. The South Node and Vesta in Pisces, are making a trine to Mercury.

Vesta is aligned with Sadalmelik which is corned with the Kingdom and Authoritative Power Structures. As this suggests above (and it gets better), this is something we are all thinking about to some degree. When applied to yourself you should be concerned with your alignment in the Kingdom if it would be perfect and not diseased. If your reality if fractured and separate then your life domain is not able to support the world’s concerns at large.

If you are well aware of your station, mission, and service then you can indeed lend a helping hand to helping the collective make informed decisions for our future.

Be the authority of your identity and empower others to do the same. By recognizing these qualities within we can better recognize this in others on the outside too. Can you make an informed vote? (I’m not being political but philosophical.)

Running Into Place for Peace

We are planning to make use of all this because of the sextile to the North Node, Mars and Ceres as discussed yesterday.

Vesta in the South is only encouraging us to move forward into the future, as a Shephard to the Sheep. Those of us who are aware of the Shephard will be wise to continue a devoted path of purpose and placement. Helping to herd those who might be wandering a bit, or floating away.

Chiron is aligned to Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius, under the direct influence of Deneb Algedi, one of the Bohemian Stars. Also strongly attuned to the concerns of life, death, happiness, sorrow, joy, and deceit.

We can see how the Key of Chiron of Healing Mercury, is simply to know your own pain and grow from it. Take the opportunity to get to know what lays in your subconscious this week.

What feeds your shadow and ego to deprive you of your passion? What drives you forward without effort? What are you running from that sends you into hyper speed?

Physical Alchemy

With Chiron at a square off with Neptune, we may not see or hear very clearly what it is we’re not understanding. That’s the point right. We’ll simply have to use our psychic senses to feel our way through, honing our intuition and insight further.

This is manifesting as the potential to purify the pineal gland with the Qi life force of the lower chakras. This is unlikely if the Heart is Blocked up with too much emotional chaos. The inner alchemy depends on the ability to transcend energy from top to bottom, left to right, inner to outer and vise Versa. Clearing these blocks in our chakras will dramatically help this process no matter how conscious you are as these changes integrate throughout your life around you.

Revealing the unseen will happen in full over time with the right synchronicity. I wouldn’t try to be in a very big rush right now. Take your time, do your research, think deeply, feel intent. Smooth over the bumps and heal the wounds.

There stars and planets involved here indicate the potential for the veins of the blood and nervous system to be affected.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Astrology Essential Oils for the energies that are troubling you
❣️ Get the right Yoga Chakra Bracelets – the Root and Third Eye particularly this week
❣️ Try some Aromatherapy to protect and clear your aura and environment
❣️ Check out this Focus & Clarity Kit from Rock Your Worth to get you started
❣️ Wear a Protection Bracelet if you’re having trouble stabilizing


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Sidereal Astrology Data interpreted by Lee Bowden from charts at for 11/20/19 12 PM PST Washington

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