Making Amends & Accepting What’s Ahead in Aquarius| Moon, Asteroids & Neptune This Week

Today the Moon is in a new cycle after the release last week, and we’re moving through a stage of illumination and returning back to the areas of life that need new perspectives that we might have never thought of before! Analyzing what we have after a year of purging and clearing of what doesn’t suit us anymore.

The Moon is very “far away” and we can see this as the Black Moon point is Aquarius around 11 degrees. We can see how the Moon is making its way through Aquarius this week and issues of the Human Collective will be of concern in our social and personal lives emotionally this week.

The Moon, the Black Moon point of Lilith, and Neptune are all in Aquarius this week

Neptune in Aquarius is in alignment with the Castra Star of the Capricornus Constellation this week. We may feel like we’re in the “belly” of an issue, or the need to Digest the year we’ve had and make use of it throughout our lives. We might see or hear some new information from the social structures in light of politics, weather, or other large influences of interest. These might sound “far out” or surprising when they surface today. Keep an open mind as the Moon comes into closer contact with Neptune right now.

Moon Phases This Week

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The Asteroids Missions

Ceres, Saturn, & Pluto are in Sagitarrius this week

Ceres is in Sagittarius, who has just passed Antares and is concerned with the integrations of the Heart and it’s true passion and desires that have been so heavily analyzed this year.

Pallas is in Scorpio is in connecting with Zubenelgenubi of Libra. This is attracting difficulties in relations, influencing the Run/Chase games of Hunt/Prey concepts of the Cycle of Life. Necessary amends to arguments and actions, sometimes violent, sometimes a soothing, bittersweet acceptance of unique differences in perspective. Sometimes as the Truth Surfaces, in many ways, it is challenging to Accept what Is. Going deep has its consequences made reward by the use of reason +and+ logic. Integrating the Right and Left Hemispheres.

Vesta is in Virgo this week

Vesta is in retrograde in Virgo with Zosma and Coxa, the Oracles. This is reminding us of our inner vision and purpose, to devote to the ideal life of love and acceptance. We are here to see our inner vision clearer and consider what it is we want to make manifest into the matter, that will benefit our lives and mental realities for the future in a positive light.

Self Healing Tips

The focus of alchemic self-healing is the integration of the Heart with the higher Thymus energies, to find coherence with the Hearts Energetic Field, and the subtle bodies Radiant Energy Flows.

  • The influences are heightening for any remaining emotional blocks within the heart to be risen and accepted within.
  • Clearing the Heart Chakra
  • Focusing on the Thymus Chakra and integrating the energy with the Heart

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/2/19 with help from for Astrology of the Stars

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