Opening Opportunities for Mars in the New Year 2020

This is a powerful day for sextiles within 3 groups interacting with coherence to allow new opportunities to come into the light. If we look at how Libra (Air) and Aquarius (Air) are uniting with the power planets in Sagittarius (Fire), we can see how Explosive some areas of our life might become!

Mars and Mercury are making their way through Libra. They are sextile to the second group in Sagittarius including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres. These are sextile to the third group/combo of Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius.

Mars & Mercury are in Libra this week

Most interesting is to see this in a chart for 12:31 PM on 12/03, as the prime time of influence today. Things really start to open up to form new possibilities, opportunities, projects, ideas, and resolutions.

Since Mars is with the Crow Star, Algorab, we can have a tendency to shift to the negative aspects of perception. This serves only to learn from, and then transcend from our use of intelligence and intellect of discovery and discernment.

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius Today

The moon is in a First Quarter setting in Aquarius as we enter a phase of Assessment. A 50/50 split perspective, of neutral equality, allowance, and acceptance of All That Is. There is not a choice of “good or bad” or “right and wrong”, only a choice to go towards the light or the dark. Either will be the correct choice of discovery and healing. Depending on what you choose, it will alter your perception and thus your reality.

For those who are ready to get into action and go after your dreams this year… I encourage you to take note from your Heart and allow yourself to Dream yourself into the Abundance you are worthy of this new year. Prepare yourself to give unconditionally and stay warm this Winter Season.

The Winter Season is ruled by Water, the rhythm of the season will be more inclined to the Bladder and Kidney Meridians. This can feel like a Fearful season if we are not building ourselves up with self-confidence and feelings of Gratitude and Fulfillment. If you are struggling to feel like you have honored yourself this year, then make amends with yourself and renew your strength for the efforts in the following year.

Many Blessings will come from this new time of Universal Transformation in 2020. Today we may get an inner “peek-a-boo” from visions, messages, or downloads about what we will make of the year if we stay in the direction we are currently headed or aligned to.

The North Node is Trine (harmony) with Mars and the Moon, stationed in Gemini – only a few degrees away from Rigel of Orion! Libra (Mars), Aquarius (Moon), and Gemini (Node) –

The Air Elements are in a union, as an effort to bring harmony to the Central/Governing Meridians, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Third Eye Chakras.

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Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/03/19 with the help of for Star Astrology.

Daily Guidance

Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. I like to focus on the interactions that are taking place within our soul journey and desires. Archangel Camael rules Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Mars rules the Solar Plexus Chakras, Iron, and Gallbladder Merdian. Geburah

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