Grand Cross of Emotional Heart Integrations

Complications today concerning our Emotional Alignment of the Sacral and Heart Charka Centers. We will be looking closely at the Oppositions and Grand Square that overcomes the chart today with a Challenge to our Heart. At every corner of this massive Cross today, we will investigate what support each of these powerful spheres.

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Examining the Opposites

North Node, the Universal Direction is facing Gemini

The North Node in Gemini is opposing Venus and Ceres in Sagittarius, hugging Sabik of Ophiuchus (the Snake Holder) Constellation. In summary, this is interesting that the Heart (ruled by Venus), is within the mission of Healing of Emotional Bonds and Relationships. With Sabik we can assume a feeling of “Excessive Tendencies”, and this is describing the patterns we need to break out of across the globe.

Causing us to feel a need to be Unique Individuals. Even if we are in a great partnership. Even if we are completely in love with our best friend. We still need to be our own person with our own opinions and interests. This is the lesson within this opposition to the North Node in Gemini, who is encouraging Equality and Non-Judgement. Simply accept what is, and realize that there is no one to Blame or Shame for past mistakes. All we can do is learn and Do Better next time around. Let go, and make new efforts to change the cycles that do not empower you and your relationships.

The Moon is in Pisces, opposing Juno in Virgo. Juno just passed Zosma and Coxa recently. These are both placed in their Home sign, which means that this actually could mean some form of Balance and Understanding between our Emotions and Mature Feminine energy, attracted to each other instead of repelled. A kind of easy Compassion and Empathy within can occur with this.

The Grand Cross Square Between the Moon, North Node, Juno and Venus/Ceres

The Moon has just passed over Neptune, the Void of the Black Moon, and Chiron and has entered Piscian territory – it’s Finally Home. A sense of Knowing How You Feel can be present today, even considering the challenge of the day.

In a Waxing phase at 75% illumination, we would be wise to consider our Boundaries as we ascend. Something Sabik will challenge with feelings of compulsion and desire – those excessive tendancies.

The Moon is supported by the Sun and Pallas in Scorpio. The Sun is aligned to Zubeneschamali, the Northern Scale of Fair Price and Justice. This is the concern of the Sun and Pallas as they support the emotional efforts we have put in during this Scorpio Sun Season. We have gone deep within to uncover a lot of hidden, deep information about ourselves. The Veil is Thinning, and we are facing our inner world with more clarity than ever before.

The North Node is facing Gemini, making its way to alignment with Rigel soon. Supported by a sextile to Vesta in Aries and a trine to Mars in Libra. We have the Will and Devotion to go forth and ‘do this thing’.

Juno, Jupiters Wife, representing the Mature Feminine, is in Virgo, who just finished her Zosma & Coxa transit recently. She is supported in sextile to the Sun/Pallas duo.

Venus is at 18 degrees Sagittarius, with Ceres at 12 they are connected here hugging Sabik at 16. Venus is supported by Mars, Neptune, and Vesta. Ceres is supported by Mars and Uranus. What is interesting to me is that Mars Rules the Solar Chakra, Venus the Heart Chakra, and Neptune/Uranus the Crown Chakra.

I know Sabik can usually be excessive (negative), but the inner integration of the Heart from the lower to the higher chakras maybe a unique burst of energy to use to align these energies into Balance!

Each of these corners of the Grand Cross contains interactions towards the Growth and Development of the Higher Heart Chakras. Coming from the South and into the North poles of our own Bodies.

Being able to transfer this energy into the higher, and receive from the higher and make manifest the lower chakra health. This can be a day of arguing with your multi-dimensional options. Or a day to understand what exactly is going on in your Heart Center and align with your dreams.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/6/19 with help from for Astrology of the Stars

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Friday is ruled by Venus. Archangel Anael rules Venus, Libra, and Taurus. Venus rules the Heart Chakra, Thymus, Heart, and Kidney Meridian system. Netzach.

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