Get Clear With Your Wishes & Wonders this Week

Luna is going through a hugely impactful influence right now through Aries (1), Taurus (2), and Gemini (3), all the way to Leo (5) ending on 12/15). We can see from the dates (12/10, 12/11, 12/12, 12/13) that this is a powerful time of synchronistic numerology! To highly this further on Tuesday we’re at 98% illumination, with a Full Moon effect on Wednesday and still remain at 99% through Thursday. Before we see how quickly the shadow comes later in the week, with later and later rising time in the evenings also.

The phrase, “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind with “When you wish upon a star”.

It’s probably a good time to consider these as the rest of the week’s astrology really backs up these cycles throughout all the planets and stars we’ll see and feel the effects.

Monday 12/9Tuesday 12/10Wednesday 12/11Thursday 12/12Friday 12/13Saturday 12/14Sunday 12/15
Aries (sidereal)TaurusTaurusGeminiGeminiCancerCancer
Taurus (tropical)Gemini Gemini Cancer Cancer Leo Leo
Waxing Gibbous
3:05 PM (rises)3:30 4:104:555:506:558:05

Neptune doesn’t move very fast in our line of sight, still stationed to Castra , a fixed star of Capricornus. But the relationship to other planets do! In sidereal Neptune is in Aquarius.

This week there is a square to the Sun and Pallas. This is interesting because Pallas indicates our relationship to the masculine, the father, the men in our lives and in many ways our Sun can be looked at as the masculine force, the father, or the son. So these two are both squaring and challenging the depths of Neptunes wisdom and our unconscious mind. Pallas is in Scorpio, in alignment to Zubeneschamali, the Souther Scale. In a judgemental mood, concerned with the price versus quality and subject to revenge. This actually may be beneficial to Mars as a backup, as the Inner Warrior is ready to get to the bottom of old issues and resentments. Sick of standing around but sick of fighting, it’s time to do this differently.

Neptune has a harmonious trine to Mars in Libra with the strong energy of the Bootis stars. When can see how a lot of opportunities are opening up in the subconscious as sextiles to The Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Vesta all occur today!

So this means a lot of fresh, vital, reveal within our Emotions, Heart, Security, Will Power, and Commitments or projects. We’re really being given permission to go within the depths of Neptune with the Drive and Strength of Mars! How lucky are we right now to really be able to deal with, release, and heal some of these issues right now? Straight from the source of your own subconscious life within. You are really empowered to be able to more fully understand yourself in a deep way, deeper than ever possible before…

The Moon is in Aries with a fresh start, about to get into Taurus matters. But she opposes this difficult position that Mars, our Will, is in to go too deep.

The Moon favors the current alignment of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto (who are all aligned in orb right now all in a row!) This is a good day to Focus and get Clarity.

Venus of Heart
Saturn of Security
Pluto of Power

This Group/Orb of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, is going to be an interesting aspect to consider this week as we relate our Heart (4D), Roots (1D), and aim to Transform these areas of our Life right now.

This is a huge focus with this feeling wanting to know:

Who am I really? What can I really do well? What am I meant to do? What can I do better than others, my strengths? How can I evolve from my weaknesses and learn my lessons? What do I deserve and what can I earn from my achievements?

These are rooted, deep questions of self individualization and knowing and desire. The core of Venus is Knowledge and Love. This is what we are always seeking in our day to day lives.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Take the Root Cause and make it into something Useful and Constructive.
❣️ Take the feelings you have in your Heart and Express it in an empathetic and helpful way.
❣️ Carry Obsidian or another Grounding stone to help clear the Root Chakra
❣️ Carry Rose Quartz or Peridot to help heal Heart wounds and the Chakra
❣️ If you are susceptible to Frustration, then try sniffing some Lemon Essential Oil for a moment to clear the fog enough that you can choose your mood and reaction, bringing you back to Center.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/9/19 with help from for Astrology of the Stars

Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Monday is ruled by the Moon and Emotional Integrations and Energies. So I like to include the Moon (Optimistic Cycles), the Black Moon Point (Shadow Cycles), and the Asteroids on Mondays. This gives us a good overview of what to expect this week!
Pallas represents the inner warrior and relationship to Masculine/Yang/+/Give energies. Ceres is the inner harvester/shepherd or farmer/gatherer and our relationship with the Feminine/Yin/-/Receive energies. Neptune is mysteriously the depth of our subconscious, the Veil, and the all-knowing infinite possibility that is always present in our lives. A feminine, caring and wise presence that highly relates to the Third Eye Chakra of the Moon. Archangel Gabriel is present within relation to the Lymphatic System, Water and Fluid content, and the nature of our fluid, moving emotional life.

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