Blood and Bones of a Living Life

Mars is in Libra and has just left the effects of Seginus indicating themes of self-care, shamelessness, and self-protection. These can indicate our willingness to identify with ourselves and our life, following yesterday’s feminine themes into today’s more masculine challenges.

Today the Moon squares Mercury. The North Node squares Ceres. Vesta squares Mars. To translate that for you:

  • Our Emotions have difficulty being Expressed.
  • Our Achievements may not benefit your sense of Purpose.
  • Your sense of Devotion or Commitment may be difficult for your Will to Action Upon.

Mars in Libra is trying to bring Balance to the Whole of the Self, Body, Mind, and Soul through Emotions and Thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. It does this by understanding what energies, forces, organs, emotions, and memories will trigger the right triggers and programs to run – to bring about that sense of Balance to the Center of All.

Mars in Libra (Air) is in a harmonious trine to the North Node in Gemini (Air) as well as Neptune in Aquarius (Air) making an Air Elemental Force. This can be seen through the effects that air uses in our day to day life, such as Communication, Weather, Breathing, Messages, Writing, and Flight.

The opportunities presented by sextiles to Mars include the Venus/Saturn/Pluto Group mentioned yesterday. This alignment is related to our Heart (4D) & Roots (1D), and Transformation. Mars supports this healing endeavor with the Power of Air.

Pluto is the feminine force where Mars is the masculine force, so this placement is important to us today. Pluto is in Sagittarius, surrounded within Ophiuchus energy, connected to Sabik, Sinistra, and Rasalhauge.
This is strongly associated with Blood, the Heart, and our Vessels. Blood cells are made within the Bone Marrow, and thus the most important structures of our physical body are being affected at this time. Susceptible to poison, but also renewal and detox. These are the kinds of things we don’t have to consciously control and yet, your Blood and Bones are the very fabric of your structure and living health systems.

We say your “Bloodline” Family, or we talk about our “Family Tree”. Blood, genetics, and memories are the consciousness ties between the outer and inner bodies of life as you know it.

I find it interesting that the only angle that Pluto plays today is a sextile to the Black Moon point of the Moon.( The point calculated to be the “farthest” point that the moon orbits in its elliptical path around us.)

This is the only window we have with Pluto to heal the inner realm of our Blood and Bones, the Shadow and all those Skeletons we keep in the Closet.

What if that closet was your actual Bones, where your Blood cells and marrow are made? Would this be a good time to clear out ALL those hidden and repressed traumas from the closet and release them? I think so! Since 11/11 there has been increased memory release, have you noticed? Some skeletons might need a proper burial, others may simply need to be tossed out for good. Either way, this is the goal that the Shadow of the Black Moon has this week – so don’t be surprised if old ghosts come back from the past. Offer forgiveness, let go of the past and move on with understanding and unconditional love. Those skeletons, they were once holding the life of blood, organs, tissues, limbs, consciousness, and a soul. Oh, and most of this closet, are hidden important parts of you.

What about Gaia?

So far I’ve been talking about you, the body, the physical. But let’s remember that Earth, Gaia, is very Alive, an organic consciousness of nature.

In the same way as our selves, we can see how our social collective is challenging what we know about science, technology, and abundance. We are wanting to know the real truth behind our Origins, Evolution, Ancient Ancestors, and Cosmic Universe.

Hoping to live on Mars, join a space force, and more. We are very much challenging all these things in the shadow, in the effort of our own research, Youtube TV, and bloggers across the world are becoming the New News, the Journalists, the Investigators. Thanks mostly to the generation born to Pluto in Capricorn, including me, Generation Y & X are in it to win it – we will get those answers we’ve been looking for.

What will we discover about ourselves when we start to really align our cleansed Root Chakra of Security, Family, Source. To our pure Heart Chakra of Unconditional Love, Unjudgement, and Balance of the Yin and Yang? If I was to guess, that would feel like Pleasure, Safe, Loved, and Peace. I’m good with that, even if it means I have to clean out my own closet… or Blood and Bones.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Healing may include communication with others, family, friends, and partners
❣️ Expression through writing, creative poetry, romantic letters, or explanatory emails may be beneficial
❣️ Breathing exercises or Yoga practices might do a world of wonders to your health at this time

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/10/19 with help from for Astrology of the Stars

Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. I like to focus on the interactions that is taking place within our soul journey and desires. Archangel Camael rules Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. Mars rules the Solar Plexus Chakras, Iron, and Gallbladder Meridian. Pluto is the feminine force of power of the divine and so, I like to include her within this perspective on Tuesdays respectfully. Geburah

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