X Marks the Spot for Knowledge & Personal Power of Mind & Body

Today we enter a powerful phase of Luna, backed by sacred numbers and synchronicity of the patterns and cycles of nature. Mercury is amazingly aligned to Nusakan and then Alphecca, of the Corona Borealis.

This is so amazing because this constellation is of the lesson of Daath.

To explain in relation to self-healing, Mercury rules the Throat Chakra.

Spiritually concerned, this is the Trunk of the Tree of Life. Daath is the ‘hidden’ sephira and thus as relation to the Deep Abyss. Or to some, the Garden of Eden.

In other words, Mercury is where Mercury Should Be, Daath. The ultimate realization and understanding of Daath is true Knowledge.

Let’s think about how the neurological energy from the Left Hemisphere of Logic, crosses the body and operates the Right Side of the Body. And how the Right crosses and operates the left. This Cross-Over takes place in the Trunk, the Throat. Indicating the X of a health system, we can hope to achieve this within our own life.

After all, X marks the spot!

Scorpio is where Mercury is in the Zodiac, and we can tell from the energy of the archetype of water that we’re Going Deep.

We’re in the process of Investigating our own Mind! We’re really working within the Mental realms to understand our physical reality. I’ve talked about being Bound by the Physical, and I believe this is what is being revealed to us Universally, meaning Everyone.

We’re in the process of knowing our true selves and finding our own Knowledge through Understanding and Going Within.

By crossing over, from the high to the lower and the lower to the higher. Mars is busy in an effort to find Balance after all. Only serving to help this maneuver.

The Key of Chiron is in harmony with Mercury in a Trine. Chiron is also in the watery element of Pisces. A place of unconditional love, bliss, and peace at the end of the cycle (number 12).

Chiron is aligned to Sadachbia, the Lucky Star of Hidden Things.

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to guys! It’s just written in the stars like this. I’m not kidding. | The KEY to our HEALING is within the HIDDEN sephira of Daath.

Mercury is trined to this in the sky in the perfect angle, where it is aligned to the Crown, the Corona Borealis.

If you can begin to comprehend how perfectly the Macro World at Large, the Universe, really is in relation to Us Humans on Earth, on a Micro level… Then you are well on your way to this place of Love, Bliss, Pleasure. Dare I say a life of heaven on earth? At the very least, a personal discovery of the Garden of Eden within?

The Stars have been there to guide us since before our Earth came to life before we became living individuals that walked upon it. Personally, I’m going to take this next few days to think really deeply about my purpose, my place, and what my life might look and feel like, if myself and everyone I knew was at Peace and Balanced and Loved.

Let’s just play with the numbers for a minute. It’s 12/11/19, or 3 2 1. We have the Key in the 12th sign, and the Cross/Crux in the 8th sign. If we do 2019=12, so that could be 12,11,12 or 3, 2, 3 or 3+2+3=8. We can continue this kind of relevance to these numbers tomorrow as 12/12/12, 3×1 3×2 and 3×3=9. The Trinity begins tomorrow.

Are you ready for this portal? The Full Moon is Tonight in Gemini of Air. Yesterday we explored the current Air Trinity of Mars (Libra), Node (Gemini), and Neptune (Aquarius). This is going to really come into full POWER tonight and come into Full Light and Understanding of this in your reality, within your own perception. We also have the Group alignment of Venus (heart), Saturn (root), and Pluto (transformation).

Take a deep breath of air and let it bring in the light and love the world has to offer us at these Crossroads in Time… Today! Just remember what I said on Monday and be careful with your Wishes, they may just come true soon.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:31 PM Seattle WA 12/11/19 with help from AstrologyKing.com for Astrology of the Stars

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Learn more about Daath from a Gnostic Teaching here
❣️ Meditate on Daath, Knowledge, True Self
❣️ Clear and cleanse all chakras and meridians
❣️ Trace your Meridians, here’s a video for you to follow
❣️ Read this post: When You Realize Your Mentality

Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. I like to focus on the opportunities to heal and transmute to honor the practice of inner Alchemy of Thoth. Mental efforts to understand and manifest your reality with spiritual and mental alignment with your life’s purpose. The key to this is often Chiron, Anku, the largest of all the Asteroids. Mercury rules the Throat Chakra and that of the Abyss, Neck, the tree trunk of life as an individual expression of life. Archangel Raphael rules Mercury, Earth, Quicksilver. Hod.