Diamond Heart Path, continued from 11 to 1

This is the last day of the super powerful lunar portal within Gemini, meeting up with the North Node Path and the numbers to follow. 12/14/12 or 3 +5 + 3 = 11 and this ♊ is simply the symbol of Gemini, the Twins.

I find it so interesting too to look at || as forming a parallel Pathway. I think this, and Gemini, also indicates that there are always dualistic choices, and there must be, to retain Free Will to Choice. Even those that believe there is none, and lean towards a belief in Fate. We still see that you can follow within the lines of Fate, or you can walk along the edges of one line or the other. You can choose to go forward or backward. And in every path, there is always a crossroads.

I find that Mercury on Wednesday was such a powerful presentation of perfection and the importance of || becoming X.

I’m going to have to ask you to open your mind and heart, to use both your creative intuition and your analytical logic to problem solve your way through love, wisdom, power, and magic.

11 to X

If our bodies were meant to be homolateral in design, they would be and we wouldn’t have two arms, legs, eyes and all the like of what we are in physical form.

Energetically our systems such as the chakra wheels, meridian pathways, nervous system, neurological pathways, and our blood circuits. These are all just a part of a whole, of Mental consciousness. And “they” (nature of duality) all have the same pattern of returning to the whole.

11 becomes an 8 or an X and both are then 1.

Lee Bowden, @luvlifewlee

To explain this further we have to understand the importance of the Logical Left crossing into the Right Pathways and the Reasoning Right crossing into the Left of the Pathways.

We can also say that the Yang and Yin energies must work together to make any change or transformation occur. This is in a polarizing, back and forth, push and pull, attract or to act.

How do we do this?

We walk, run, move, think, feel, and live through the motions of time, space and energy.

Energy Medicine by Dona Eden has a whole section on how to (and why) balance your body’s energies and ensure that the energy pathways are all Crossing Over. You can simply walk in place, crossing your hands over to your knees, Marching Style. Touch hands to needs, crossing. Tie your hands up to the chest. All of these are ways we subconsciously do all the time. You can choose to consciously do this within an energy routine or yoga ritual. Dona Eden has videos on youtube to easily follow for doing the “Cross Crawl”.

More Tips: I find it useful to Ease my Busy Mind by putting two fingers on the opposite temple, and the other hand on the opposite temple point. Holding for a few minutes really helps my Left and Right Hemispheres to Exchange Energetic Information through my fingers, to their original “connection” or frequencies. Because, remember the right operates the left, right?

So when you get a headache and you hold your temples right hand to the right Temple Alarm Point. You’re encouraging the Hemispheres to Cross Over Energy from the Right to the Left and Right to Left. Is that helpful in pain? No probably not, but what if you were trying to think? It would probably help to Transfer Over and maybe even go back and forth. Using the Reasoning and Logic parts of the brain to Problem Solve.

Wait, isn’t this why Nootropics are so popular? Super Brain Powers? What if you just knew how to better manage your energy systems consciously? Oh, and use math and symbols such as 11, 8, and X. Can you feel the use of both your creative and logic mind to figure this out on a deeper level now?

This brings us to the Heart, the One. Ruled by Venus!

Venus is in Sagittarius in alignment with both Saturn and Pluto with an advantage, or benefit, in this transition in time.

We’ve been talking about this all week and it’s really coming home – to the Heart. Our place of love, relationships, unity, community, commitment, compassion, service.

Pluto really does have an in on the Shadow of the Black Moon, and she and Lilith have some Transformational Diamond Development.

I’ve found that once I cleaned out my closet, opened pandora’s box, and faced my fears. I found Freedom, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, and a bunch of Treasure. It was quite the adventure, but well worth the reward.

Sometimes the trauma and pain are the biggest, most transformational lessons. When you survive and thrive in the world, you have strength and wisdom gained from that experience. They may have left, disappeared, befriended the enemy, became independent and thus different. All to say, that it’s okay for things to change, let go and let it change.

In a lot of ways, this releases the bondage and thus the memory. It’s a power that Pluto gives, and right now it’s the Heart’s Reward.

An additional opportunistic sextile to Ceres is ready to harvest that reward in a passionate pursuit.

Vesta is in Aries, opposing Mars. This is kind of funny that our sense of devotion and commitment is unsure about this balance that is happening. Are we sure we want to be more of ourselves? Are we sure we want to be creative… AND logical? lol. I think Vesta is more concerned with these new habits being long-lasting or just temporary because she’s about continuing by faithful and loyal to the cause. She’s opposing the changes this week only to make sure that we are Self Aware, Honest, and Loyal.

Oy, I forgot to mention that Venus is also aligned with Etamin, the Right Eye of the Dragon, the constellation of Draco. Not to be repetitive or anything but in 1130 AD this star was aligned to a temple in City of the Dragon, Thebes. It is 12/13 today.

Thebes was the capital of Egypt during the period of the New Kingdom (c.1570-c.1069 BCE) and became an important center of worship of the god Amun (also known as Amon or Amen, a combination of the earlier gods Atum and Ra). Its sacred name was P-Amen or Pa-Amen meaning “the Abode of Amen”

Thebes Egypt Article: https://www.ancient.eu/Thebes_(Egypt)/

Sidenote: Yesterday we talked about Lumeria, who was of Ra consciousness and the son, Adama. Said to have resided in Telos. Thebes is currently called Thiva, the center of Greece. Still a site of the stories of Cadmus, Oedipus, Dionysus, Heracles, and others

Thebes walked about following a “cow”, or Taurus, and made new cities and formed a new culture for the people.

The veneration of Amun gave rise to the trinity known as the Theban Triad of Amun, Mut, and Khons (also known as Khonsu) who would be worshiped in the city for centuries. Amun represented the sun and the creative force; Mut was his wife symbolized as the sun’s rays and the all-seeing eye; Khons was the moon, son of Amun and Mut, known as Khons the Merciful, destroyer of evil spirits, and god of healing.

Thebes Egypt Article
Flower of Life

Amun is the Sun or Ra of Heart, Mut the Moon, and Khons is Mercury. Simply to explain how they were following the position of the planets/stars of Taurus which is ruled by Venus. The Temple of Karnak of Egypt is the largest Temple on Earth, period. And is ultimately the Temple of Creation, as in Birth and Rebirth, Death and Resurrection, the 3 Phases of the Creative Process for Life. It is possible this was a shift into 4D Reality, an end of an age?

The city declined during the Third Intermediate Period but still was impressive. The continued worship of the popular Amun and the legendary beauty of the city  guaranteed Thebes a special place in the hearts of the Egyptians. 

Thebes Egypt Article

In 666 BCE the Assyrian King destroyed Thebes in battle, bringing an end to the city and its temples.

I’m bringing this up because we are aligned to the Star, the Dragon of the Physical Body, your own Temple. This time and this day, the Heart of Venus will become Alive with this Trinity Again. The Diamond Heart of Creation.

Our Bodies are our Temple, the Beasts are only of our own Creation. Be like Beauty, and find a way to Love without conditions, expectations, resentment, and hostility.

“For the Love of God”, how have we misinterpreted our own life story? Our own Revelation?

It is, of course, a very similar, repeating cycle of life, a story that this Earth as 4.6 Billion old and has gone through 2.09 Million cycles of 2,200 Ages. What that tells me, is that there has been a lot of age, a lot of time, and a lot of end times of revelation and change. It’s simply time for change once again.

We are at the end of an Age. Entering into a Golden Age of Aquarius and like always this ‘time of the great year’ – it’s time for a new level of Awakening. We are now being Born into the 4th Dimension. How do you feel?

It’s also interesting to note that this (Thursday) 12/12/2019 comes down to 333 and 666 came up too, what’s next? 9! 3×3=9 and 6×3=18, 1+8=9. and that my friends is simply Divine Math. To understand this further check out the Vortex, thankfully Tessla was obsessed with the number 3.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12:13 PM Seattle WA 12/13/19 with help from AstrologyKing.com for Astrology of the Stars

Self Healing Tips

PS: In Alchemy, the symbol for Venus is the code for Knowledge. In the Kabala, Knowledge is Daath.

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Each day I focus on the Astrology of the planet and energies that rule it. Friday is ruled by Venus. Archangel Anael rules Venus, Libra, and Taurus. Venus rules the Heart Chakra, Thymus, Heart, and Kidney Meridian system. Netzach.