Embrace the Changes of Air

Sidereal Astrology for the Moon, Ceres and Juno, the Life Givers for Monday, 12/30/2019

We are in the season of Capricorn as we enter the new year of 2020, leaving behind us another Void of a dark moon phase, heading back into the light once again.

Today we may feel the challenge within to grow, plan, prepare and obsession. Later in the week we will be more prone to worry and stress so we’re better off to do a little bit every day, then leave it all to do at a later time. The time is now, to begin to think about the changes you want to make in this new year. This last year of 2019 was one of transformation and revelation. This year is going to be about those first steps as we are all lifted into a kind of energy that will shift the world like never before seen.

& Stars
Light &
Rise Time &
Sunday 12/29
12 °  Kaus Borealis
Waxing Cresent
10:30 AM
3 days
Monday 12/30 Aquarius
8 °  Sadalmelik
11 AM
Blue Lunar Monkey
Tuesday 12/31Aquarius
24 ° Fum al Samakah
11:24 AM
Self Love &

Yellow Electric Human
Wednesday 1/1Pisces
11:45 AM
The Path
Red Skywalker
Thursday 1/2PiscesAries49%
First Quarter
12 PM
White Overtone Wizard
Friday 1/3PiscesAries58%
Waxing Gibbous
12:24 PM
Blue Rhythmic Eagle
Saturday 1/4Aries
9 ° Sheratan
12:44 PM
Yellow Resonant Warrior
Sunday 1/5A
26 ° Botein
Taurus76%1 PM
Red Galactic Earth

There’s usually a lot of commotion within at this time as we reflect on our year, and plan for our future. With a feeling of Air, we enter January, ruled by the themes of Juno and Aquarius. We will begin to feel both Saturn and Uranus energies more effectively later in the month.

Today the moon makes sextile aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, the Sun, and Mercury for a mental glimpse at what this year could really mean for you. A healthy trine over to the North Node in Gemini backs any idea of your own abundant fortune coming to life this year.

Where is your Fortune Point in your own Astrology Chart?

Ceres is in Sagittarius today with the concerns of the Mortal instincts to Hunt and Survive. Concerns about livelihood, finances, and avoiding dangers foreseen ahead. I encourage everyone to keep an optimistic form of preparation for the Winter season, the combination of Air and Water can be stormy and unpredictable. A clear head and prepared mindset is the best form of survival we can have. Worry, fret, and inaction are the worst.

Ceres the inner feminine warrior will aim to achieve this by an intuitive insight with a sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. Our devotion to Vesta in Aries in the form of a trine to Ceres is a reminder of our purpose and path ahead.

This can be difficult for the Life Givers to achieve, as we see Ceres square Juno in Virgo! Juno is analyzing, busily organized, and being overworked with Reason and obsession for achievement. We need to remember to stay calm and grounded. A trine to Venus is helpful to motivate us to follow our heart. It’s just that, a square to Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius today, means we’re likely to over-do, over-think, and be higher-critical to ourselves or others.

For this reason, I encourage you to get this Free PDF to help you begin to heal and Honor Yourself, your body and emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Clear the Third Eye & Sacral Chakra

❣️ Notice the feminine energies in even numbers this week

❣️ Be mindful of your intentions, dreams, insight, subconscious and magnetic potential. This can be a great time to manifest quickly, but this can also bring up the impacts of whatever you’re thinking about the most.

❣️ Meditate regularly to clear the mind so that what you think about is directed in the correct frequency to match that what you truly want, instead of what you are most fearful of.

❣️ Aromatherapy can do a lot for a household and it’s members to soothe, calm, and restore the energy of your Home Space

❣️ Considering this is a season of Air and Winter, of Water. It may be wise to Smudge the area and Cleanse your stones, and other rituals/spiritual supplies from old 2019 frequencies. (Especially if you’ve gone through a major regression like I have, among many others!)