The Inner Warrior is Ready to Do What Is Right … Patience is Required

Sidereal Astrology As Alchemy interpretation for 12/31/19 of The Guards: Mars, Pallas, and Vesta

The Guards and Warriors are Mars (masculine) and Pallas (feminine), and they are both in Scorpio this week. Interestingly enough, in a HelioCentric chart (where the Sun is centered instead of the Earth), Mars is in Libra. Mars is closely aligned to Zuben Elakrab currently, a star in the middle of the Northern Scale, part of the Scorpius Constellation. Pallas is aligned part to the tail of the scorpion, nearing the stinger. She’s nearing a point of ready for action… but not quite in any kind of position to strike yet.

Mars (& Pallas) get along well in Scorpio’s Energy and together, they both are associated with the Solar Plexus of Will and Movement. Scorpio of Water and Mars of Fire, and together we have a lot of Power! With the Sun in Sagittarius, and our selves of Earth are in Taurus. We might be wise to calm our own inner Water and Fire elements of Emotion and Passion. Just stay in the moment and live with how your feelings rise and fall, allow yourself to be gently motivated by your intuition and passion. Resist the ego’s ideas to force you into action – as this will be the tendency this week with Mars and Pallas in Scorpio’s energy. Still yourself before moving into action, just to be sure you’re doing the Right Thing for You.

Speaking of Fire, Vesta of Devotion is in Aries, the first sign and the way of fresh stars. Again indicating a good time to take action within to follow the path you have defined for yourself. Whatever that really is for you.

Yesterday we looked at Ceres in Sagittarius in alignment with Saturn and Pluto. Who is squaring Juno in Virgo at the moment!

What’s interesting about the Guard Female Warrior Pallas, is she is squaring them both! As if to say, “You are confused and I am unwilling to take action on your behalf until you have a plan.”

Vesta is attempting to trine over to Ceres, to help her analyze with careful consideration about the next steps. What benefits will each crop bring forth? Being sure to disengage from the wrong-actions and push forward any unavoidable-reactions.

The point of making a To-Do list is to get things done, and Vesta reminds us to Cross Things Off the List. Get things done, do things right. And… for the right reasons! The true Trine is over to the Sun in Sagittarius, giving us that inner motivation to do the right thing for ourselves and the ones we love in our life.

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I have been reading the Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription by Lauren Walker and I am amazed at how well she has put together Eastern Medicine and the Art of Yoga in a way that anyone can understand and follow. I myself plan to incorporate these practices and hope to be able to offer more specific care instructions from the hints of astrology we can attune to.

The Sound for Fire is breathing out, “haaaaa…

Self Healing Tips

💧 Drink plenty of water!

💧 Clear your Solar Plexus Chakra and Meridians

💧 If you’re quick to anger trip Tapping Techniques, there’s a load of free apps and sites that can guide you. Knowing a few of these Tapping Points can be super helpful in clearing the mind if your not one to mediate but get overwhelmed this time of year

💧 Mudras are a super simple, calming way to balance your inner elements! For example, here’s the Varun Mudra, the Gesture of Water.

This week’s Moon Healing Crystal is Rainbow Fluorite.

Rainbow Fluorite Wand from
Rainbow Fluorite Wand from

Today is the Yellow Electric Human and thus, the inner Warrior is backed by our Solar and Lunar cycles as well. The energy at this time can be strong, powerful, motivating. Rainbow Fluorite allows the ability to transmute, use, store, refresh, clear all kinds of subtle energy and thus amplifies your ability to heal, manifest, create, and take action. Often referred to as the “Genius Stone” in its ability to clear and digest energy back into place so well, that it actually seems to enhance your Natural Abilities.

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