Learning with the Collective in the Dawn of the New Age

What I want to talk about today is what we can do as individuals to create more space for new changes, developments. New plans and projects and solutions we have never heard of. We need to look for new science, politicians, business models, and leaders. That all starts with our own ability to decide, discern, grow, and expand.

Universal Astrology Today & Inspiration for this post:

Today is Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter which is currently in Sagittarius. Our own growth and development is being spotlighted by the Galactic Core (our Universe’s Center Sun). There is a bit of a challenging aspect to our growth in relation to the Sun in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. We are really feeling unsure about ourselves and where we are going next. The whole world is asking, “What do we do NOW?!” There is a lot about our world that HAS to change and we’re transitioning very quickly into the Age of Aquarius. Our inner soul and spirt  are being affected in full, engaging both the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras energetically.

We want to grow, we want to transcend, we want to expand our consciousness to develop a GOOD plan of action moving forward in the future.

The Importance of Learning & Connecting with the Current World & Change With Her (Gaia)

If we do not learn new things, follow the edge of science, and changes in the business, market, and systems. Then we cannot be expected to accurately mold to a new world and a new age. An age that will be focused on large systems, the collective conscious, and the global culture of all living creatures. Not just us humans, but a new respect for our animals, planets. Every species plays a role in our planet’s living environment.

I want to start to ease your stress levels for a moment and remind you that on a life time line of Earth’s Existance. We have only even been alive here for about 5-10 minutes (per the video below “Gaia, the Big Mother”). So we’re really only babies. And we’re expected as any child, to have to learn and mature slowly.

I encourage you to watch this, if not now, then save it to your “Watch Later” playlist and actually do watch it.
Amazing, informative, and straight forward short film that really puts Gaia into perspective. 

What we can do to help ourselves is to realize that we have been acting so far as babies children. It’s time now to come into our Young Adult Self. We know how hurtful we have been with our wars and bickering and arguing with each other. Now we’re entering Middle and High School Years of Higher Learning in the Spiritual Dimensions.

So we need to just buck up, go to class (learn new things constantly), and then show up. If we do, we’re going to be ready to graduate and enter into really maturity as a collective human and earth creature consciousness. This is a glimpse at what 5D Reality can look.

Can you imagine a world where we are fully conscious of our world, planet, people, creatures, and selves? In completely connection, understanding, and acceptance of source within and involved in our everyday life? Wow. I know, mind blown but that’s where we’re going in the next 2000 years at least. After the age of Aquarius there will be an age of Capricorn, where great advancements will come to our kinds and species. What will we be like in the next age?

#InformationWar | Let’s Be Fair in the World of Gaia, Science & Tech – She Knows

With that said, I think this video is also a worth while watch as it explains a cosmic and universal science perspective that is extremely informative and well researched. Their material is consistant and relevant to our day to day lives. When we consider news from the activity of our Sun, Earth, Galaxy, and Universe then we can better understand our purpose and placement as a collective. A worth while channel to subscribe to.

Full Movie on Youtube in New Window

7 Generations & The New Age

The Native Tribes say to consider your actions and their effects within your family over the next 7 Generations.

But we would need to double or triple that to consider our selves so far into the next age. We are just now entering an Age of Aquarius. And according to this post we would then enter an Age of Capricorn in another 2000+ years. To exist and live on as a species I think Elon Musk must have a point about getting up and out there. Simply some food for thought. Gaia is very much alive and doing well to have her children (us) enter a state of early adulthood. Learning to work and learn together instead of bite, kick and scream at each other.

I know I Am.

As we enter this new transition of history. In the Age of Aquarius, the Humanitarian. The Educated Giver and Grandchild of Uranus.

Let us be aware and mindful of how what we do as individuals now absolutely affects our future lives of our children, and ourselves. If you are one to believe in past lives, then you alternatively could believe in Future Lives and Selves. Maybe for some this Big Picture Perspective provides more Purpose than just this day in life.

I hope that simply reading this post today as served Jupiter in the feeling that you have expanded your mind.

Here is a fun and uplifting song by Nahko – Risk It

“… I were dreaming up new ways to bring the outcasts home,
I take my place in the choir,
I was singing the songs of freedom and progress
And we’re delivering the babies yeah,
And we’re building up the next seven generations
Seven Generations, Seven Generations…”

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