Temperance of the Magnetic Feminine

The Moon is in Libra at 2% illuminance with a feeling of Peace and Inner Balance before going into a New Moon. Feeling the Void of this for 1-2 days of Scorpio influence, a time for giving over our troubles, and laying them down. Getting out of our own way, and changing course as needed.

By Thursday we’re at 5%, entering Sagittarius in a hopeful state of Realization. Over the weekend we’ll be into the Waxing 17-20% phase of Growth and Self Care, a time of open willingness after the dark voids and struggles of life. Keep that in mind as we read about this week and the more feminine aspects of our magnetic energy.

In Aquarius, Neptune is aligned to Castra of Capricornia. She is in Retrograde but in harmony with some serious influences this week: Vesta, North Node, Venus, Saturn, Pluto. – She needs it too, as Castra can be a Fortress of disaster or a Fortress of power and self-control.

Temperance and Balance is always the best strategy for our health. Being that it’s Neptune here, we’d be wise to be careful with our psychic senses and abilities. And keen to our subconscious temperament about how we feel with everything we are hearing and doing in the world around us.

Vesta is in Aries on her way towards the North Node now, as she was a major influence on us last week. We may have new ways of seeing our devotion and commitment this week as we make our way to the North Node. Right now Hades is sitting here too, making us realize all the nasty things that might be in the way of our dreams. It won’t be here for long, but this mix with Gemini of Air might make our minds a little overwhelmed with To-Dos and Have-TOS. My best advice is don’t get in your own way, help yourself and others and try your best to work together.

Vesta Trines over to both Pluto and Saturn for further understanding of what lays ahead. Bolstering our inspiration to adventure into the unknown, to be faithful.

Ceres is in Sagittarius aligned to Antares! This can be trouble for many as our Feminine energy is challenged by the need to survive and strive. She struggles with Squares to Chiron, as does Venus and Cupido in Sagittarius with Ceres. So we’re up against the phrase, “Love is a Battlefield” and much of it is against self-made ideas and outcomes that have been lost, unforgiven, or traumatic. Some of us are realizing what the outcome of things have been and accepting, forgiving, consoling. Others are fighting a war inside that rages this week as we confront ourselves and our relationships as reality changes shape, season, and reason. My advice is to not fight, to not resist, and listen to yourself and the world around you because – You need You. There’s no one that can save you, “This is Resistance”. I offer the help of the Dragonfly Animal Spirit, to help you see through selfishness, greed, and stubborn conflicts that are not your own.

You need not know everything. Only what you are meant to understand and love unconditionally.

Pallas is aligned with Alphecca in Sagittarius, in a harmonious trine to Juno in Virgo to Zosma and Coxa. Being that Juno is the Heavenly Queen and Pallas, the Earthly Princess of sorts, these can be a great team. Pallas is concerned with the goodwill of all and will be there to support the cause for the whole. Where Juno, Jupiter’s loyal wife, is becoming strict to the moral ideal and spiritual wellbeing of the individual. These qualities may find ways to agree, as to what is the Best Case Scenario and How to Get There. Juno will help analyze, and Pallas will help accomplish it.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12/25/19 15:42 Los Angeles

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