First Episode of Universal Astrology

The first episode of Universal Astrology is now uploaded! Every afternoon Monday-Friday I will be uploading a Universal Astrology episode covering the Astrology Charts as well as activity from the Elements, Weather, Alignments, and Solar Activity.

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0:12 Todays Outline
2:00 Today’s Sidereal Astrology Charts
5:40 Today’s Solar Activity
7:00 ‘Solar Cycle 25 – ‘what it means to us and why it matters’
13:00 ‘how it affects us’ – What’s going on in the Schumman Resonance…
19:00 Elemental Balance Today – What I’ll Show On This Channel & When –
20:20 Sun’s Helio Chart Today
22:22 Solar System Scope – 3d Sidereal and Fixed Star Alignments
28:00 Pluto Alignment with Messier 75, a globular cluster near our Galaxy Center
29:30 Outro and what to expect – Thank you!

Today the Sun (in Gemini, aligned with Castor) begins to oppose Jupiter and Pluto between Sagittarius and Capricorn. As mentioned in today’s episode Messier 75 has been coming in and out of alignment with Pluto and Jupiter. This is a Globular Cluster of stars within our own Galaxy but on the other side. We can see parts this far only by windows of opportunity to look through the large dust clouds (this is the reason we can’t see the Galactic Center).

Such windows have presented themselves very recently and are the main reason for it being mentioned as an Astrologer I find this interesting since no other strong conjunctions have occurred with major stars in this area. Sagittarius is the most energetic of all the zodiac because it is in the direction of the center of the galaxy to us, and has been for a long time. The last time we were on the other side of the galaxy was when the first dinos were starting to crawl about the earth. We’ve actually come to a long way since then, huh?

We witnessed a large arm of the sun come off yesterday at about 7/12/2020 1-5PM PST time. There’s some sign of this nearly direct hit to us, coming our direction today. I hope to continue to catch more of this action and relate it to the astrology, because it’s so interesting to see when it occurs as a shift in planetar geometry does as well.

Today’s Science Uploads & Interests

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