Incoming Storm from CME Directed At Earth This Week | Universal Astrology Report

I’m back online and so is the Live Stream. I expect a bit of a slow growth but I absolutely know the interest is there and I intend to reach out to those people!

Today we’re looking at the CME Charts and This Week’s Universal Astrology Impacts

Universal Astrology Live Stream on Twitch | Clip from 12/10/2020

I have really began reorganizing key pages on this site and how for everything to start to come together and make more sense over the next few days. Particularly the Resources and Introduction type pages. Linking together old and new posts to better explain what you’re seen above and how this interacts so that we can all start to integrate the information and react appropriately. I intend to be a hub of information where people can come and begin to learn, and continue to expand their understanding of Astrology, Energy Wellness and Space Weather especially.

So let’s get back to Daily Universal Astrology habits! Because there are some mentionable occurances I would like to document and expand on, including the CME.

Sidereal Astrology This Week
This time lapse covers 12/6 to 12/13 one hour at a time in a Geocentric Sidereal Astrology Chart based upon location: Seattle Washington. (Using mobile app: AstroVizor)

When we sit back and watch this we can really see how many different aspects there are and how the Moon has such a strong geometric dance around Earth in the center of the chart.

CME Headed to Earth from 12/7, Arriving 12/10 Today

See YT description for more details and links.

The CME occurs at 12/7/2020 at 16:24:08 UTC Time and will arrive sometime on 12/10/2020 as it was an Earth Directed CME. Causing a geomagnetic storms that may cause us a jolt and some outages but nothing that is going to collapse us. This however, is just the beginning of the solar cycle, and this season may be a doozy!

Keeping in mind that the Sun is in the center of this chart above, let’s explore this a little bit. To start with the Earth is in Scorpio, about to pass into Sagittarius and is making no aspects at all.

I’d also like to point out this Venus, Mars, Uranus line up to Aries from a 3D perspective. In the Heliochart Venus is in Virgo, Mar is Aries, and Uranus in Aries. Additionally as seen in 2D we know that Mercury in Libra of Air, opposes the Sun and Uranus in Aries. Mars also opposes Mercury.

Most interesting as well is that at this moment, in this sun centered chart the Earth is Rising moments before, still in the 12th house. Technically the Earth is conjunct the AC! This is not the first time I have seen this occur when looking at CME events in this way.

Watch Official Space Weather Woman, NASA Heliophysics Educator talk about this week’s Space Weather and Solar Storm Impacts. More videos listed at bottom of this post.

The Interpretation

Interpreting the moment a CME occurs is like taking the snap shot of the moment a huge release of energy is ocurring and considering what it might the actions or intention of this energy be.

We know that this CME is headed at Earth (view the livestream at the top of the post to see ENUL). And it will continue to expand outwards, past Earth and onto all the other planets in that area as well. Likely to hit each and every one of the planets I’ve mentioned as they are on ‘that side’ if you will. Especially Aries-Taurus. Thus, Astrologers can expect anything in these signs to be provided a surplus of energy this week.

The Schumann Resonance began to Spike at around 1PM PST Today indicating a change in the low frequency fields of Earth from the average 8 to 20 Hertz. Additionally we’re seeing marks of green, at 34!

So far there has been 5 earthquakes above 5 magnitude today (so far).

Speaking of power, in this Heliochart the Rulers are equally Mars, Venus, and Saturn at the moment of this CME event.

Venus of Heart is of Earth, content in Virgos energy. Since this is Solar we can interpret this as the Inner Soul that is connected to Life Force of the Sun’s Soul. Connecting directly with how we feel to what is manifested in the physical, as Virgo’s energy and very grounding.

Mars rules Aries and is in power here. Aries additionally rules the Head, while Mars likes Action and War and Fast moving Fire energy. Aries can be about beginnings and fresh starts, new creations and new ideas. It’s nearing the end of the Moon’s cycle. The event occurred when the moon was about 55% illuminated, and today it is about 25% waning into a new moon by 12/14. At that time, the new moon it is exactly between the Earth and the Sun.

Uranus also being in Aries may indicate a change of plans, change of ideas, something being altered very quickly or very dramatically. In consideration of the sun as the soul, this may mean we are all going to have to adjust to strong impulses and desires. We may be hit rather hard in the head, the mind, our thoughts, it seems. Between the opposing Mercury and Uranus energy, which is really not opposing but like that of an octave of each other. Uranus being the more matture, lower moving mind and higher consciousness. That part of our self that always knows the right thing to do, the just thing for everyone, and is not easily swayed by the ego. Mercury is in Libra, our thoughts may be mostly revolving around ways to find balance and harmony in the impossible energy storm of 2020.

Astrologer Sal stated that the Pluto is Corruption/Virus, Saturn is the Lockdowns/Restrictions, and Jupiter is the Cure/Health. So we’ll see how that affects the rest of this for a moment.

This entire week at least, Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn is squaring Uranus in Aries. Gosh and that just is never a squares that works good, Capricorn and Aries can be a great team but if they disagree even a little a fight is bound to break out. Between the head strong nature of Capricorns higher power, it really does contain much older stars, and many more of them. Where Aries is the area of the galaxy that has hardly any astrostuffs in comparison. But Capricorn rules the legs, the knees, and shins for stability and lower strength. Aries rules the Head and has the Brain for a different kind of strength that is determined by which planet is there.

In this case it’s Uranus and this energy is Genius, Lightning, and Electric. We’re talking a Monk versus a Barbarian here. And it’s about who hits first, if at all…

All in all the higher and lower mind, our action, and heart are being fed an over abundance of incoming energy. And we’re likely to physically feeling it in the head and lower legs the most esoterically.

CME Arrival Updates Today (Ongoing)