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Good afternoon its the day after a light Geomagnetic storm last night from a CME that took of on 12/7. There are definitely active regions on the sun, there have been at least 5 B Class Flares in the last 24 hours. There is an area coming into view in the next few areas that looks promising for more activity like this.

Sun’s Astrology Chart

Venus is in Virgo in a trine to the Sun/Moon conjunct in Taurus. This is the element of Earth. Earth, Jupiter and Saturn are in the energy of Capricorn, unable to make the trine of Earth around the Sun.

Additionally the Sun/Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius.

Keep in mind that over the coming days and weeks, that energy from the CME is going to continue on and expand out and into the Aries/Taurus areas of space. Including at least Uranus, Mars and Chiron.

Earth’s Astrology Chart

In the video below the entire week is shown by hour.

Today there is a Grand Square between: North Node (r) at Taurus/Gemini, to Vesta in Leo, to Sun/Mercury in Scorpio, to Neptune in Aquarius.

There is also a Grand Trine between: Eris (r)/Mars at Pisces/Aries, Sun at Sagittarius/Scorpio, and Rising AS at 12/11/2020 hour 21:00! Completing a Grand Kite as the North Node (r) at Taurus/Gemini opposes the Sun. (View video at 2:10 to see the chart.)

The North Node describes “where we are going” and where the future is pointed. The Sun, opposes this as the South Node conjuncts the Sun and Mercury. Showing how we are deal with our karma from this side of things and are soon to cross the Galactic Center in the first part of Sagittarius in the coming days.

Vesta is of Faith and Devotion, in Leo this is strong and its about Righteousness. Opposite of this is Neptune in Aquarius, the underworld or subconscious is in the energy of future thinking, technology, and science. Aquarius is detached from anything and everyone, and thus is able to comprehend things such as Equality and Unity.

There is a time were Mars is likely to be feeling the effects of the CME and Eris, is far off in the distance as a Dwarf Planet. They are both a kind of energy of War that of Chaos to a certain degree. But in Pisces these are deep, hidden, inner wars that we are going through with ourselves, linked up in the Trine with the Rising and Sun. This is a Water Trine, attuned to things like our psyche, senses, and feelings. Effectively it may fee like we’re at war within ourselves in a hidden and unspoken war.

A new CME has launched off of the right side of the Sun. It is not earth directed. Check out SOHO’s view of this here by selecting today-tomorrow’s date.

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