Major Planetary Alignment in Sagittarius – Sunday’s Sidereal Astrology for the Sun, Earth, and You!

Greetings Fellow Beings,

I apologize for my astrology absence since the Holidays, I feel as though I have been on standby as I personally engage with the energies of life during the transition into the Winter Season.

Since the 10th we have been within a 3+ day Lunar Cycle that has been Emotionally Intense.

Have you noticed your own control, world, or life being challenged? Old resentments and feelings coming to the surface so that you can express yourself?

Cry it out, talk to a friend, or meditation can help clear these old hurts for good. This is the goal of this lunar cycle and beginning to the Eclipse season.

Last night’s 1/10/2020 (or celestial code 10012020) was a Cancerian Wolf Moon Eclipse that is helping to Liberate our Emotional Intelligence within each of our lives, the Earth’s Water element, and further integration into new territory for Earth.

I encourage everyone to help your friends and family members who may be struggling at this time. Holding space and time for them to let their feelings be heard. And do not yourself, be so shy, it is a great time to reach out to those you love and offer them the truth about how you feel and think as well!

Universal Solar Perspective of 1/10/2020 Astrological Alignments

Screenshot from Solar System Scope app for 1/10/2020 Planetary Alignment

In this image, we can see first hand what is charted by Sidereal Astrology that I will now begin to interpret for you as best as I can. Keeping in mind that in Tropical or Sidereal Astrology, we are placing the zodiac around the belt, centered upon Earth. For a moment, if we can recognize that our Sun is between us and the outer Pluto, Saturn and Ceres. To us, the Sun is in Sagittarius, will tell us that it is in alignment with the Galactic Sun. In fact the majority of the alignment of these Mercury, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto are all within the alignment to the Galactic Center! Wow!

Within the Sagittarius energy, we find the engaged Hunter, struggling to remain relevant in the times of this strange weather and climate changes we are experiencing. Not to mention the changes in our magnetic field, and our Earth’s North and South Poles noted within the Cosmology Science Community.

Recommended Music: Invincible – Tool, 2019

Note that in Tropical Astro this line up is in Capricorn, which is in the perspective of Seasonal occurrence.

From a Galactic and Universal standpoint, there is no doubt that the actual location of the planets is in alignment with the stars and galaxies that are actually the constellation of Sagittarius – not Capricorn. This is rather important to understand so that as I list the following Stars that are localized to the position of each planet today – we can understand that it is not calculated with the Tropical House System – the Fix Star Sidereal Chart Data considers the Spheres location within the existing constellation of fixed stars.

1/12/2020 Today

Alignment of Stars & Planets in Sagitarrius (Fire)

Sun conjunct 12/18
PholusCentaur7 Spiculum
Sun conjunct 12/23
Sun conjunct 12/30
SunStar27Galactic Sun
SaturnPlanet27 Galactic Sun
PlutoDwarf27 Galactic Sun

Additionally, Venus is in Aquarius with Neptune.
Lilith and Chiron are conjunct together in Pisces.
These are also really interesting energy all in itself!

Uranus has gone stationary in Aries, and not too far away in degrees is Vesta. The North Node is still in Gemini, opposing all that is going on in Sagittarius. More to help than to hurt, the transition that this shift in energy is producing is balanced with its opposing side. I find that the North is there to “pull” or “lead” the direction of motion of the collective in which we are apart.

Keeping in mind that Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are all Masculine, Yang Signs in the Element of Fire: Air: Fire …

I’d invite you to catch up in the climate and weather reports for the Sun, Global Earth and recent science from yesterday, 1/11/2020

After Australia’s Wild Fires were finally put out by the Mass Efforts (thank you) of Water. I find that this Emotional Influence that the Moon’s Lunar Cycle and Eclipse in Cancer has had on both Fire & Air. To the point of creating Lightning, Ice, and Snow overnight the last few days. Sirius energies have helped these masculine energies find their own outlet of relief through the water and earth’s feminine energies of Cancer and Virgo.

What we may easily miss is the transmutation and Relationship between the Elements, within ourselves and upon Earth’s own elements. We are connected energetically in almost incomprehensible ways.

It seems that “earth” is “under attack” by the other elements. In Sidereal Astrology (still), Juno is in Virgo – and that’s it!

We have to invite the Seasonal Perspective of Tropical Zodiac to understand that this ENTIRE alignment in Sidereal-Sagittarius is actually represented as Capricorn in Tropical systems used! So that’s all found and felt by Capricorn, the Masculine Earth Element!

And that is the “above and below” alchemy perspective, I can offer you from Sidereal and Tropical Astrology at present.

How this is manifested into our own individual lives is personal. As we feel our way through our own emotions, the Earth and our System emits the same elemental purges and processes. Gaia just has a different way of expressing that than we do.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Focus on your own alignment through your chakras, and your own inner yang/yin energies

❣️ Emotional Healing is happening at a rapid, overwhelming pace – Reach out to your friends and loved once for support.

❣️ Be prepared to Emotionally Support those you love this year as they heal!

❣️ Simple Spiritual practice, connection, and opening can be extremely helpful and powerful at this time – Many helpful energies of light and love are available for spontaneous, miraculous emotional clearing this month.