Bringing it Back Down to Earth – The Nurturing Care of Moon, Ceres & Juno this Week

The Moon makes many aspects and alignments as it quickly cycles around us, in this way our own emotional swings are also flowing quickly through our own fluids.

This Week’s Moon Forcast Table:

DateTropical + SiderealLight & PhaseRise Time & Age (days)Lunar Theme
Full Moon
Wolf Moon Eclipse
4:37 PM
White Cosmic Wind
Waning Gibbous
5:49 PM
Blue Magnetic Night
1/12/20Leo93.5%7:07 PM
17 d
Yellow Lunar Seed
Leo86.6%8:26 PM
18 d
Red Electric Serpent
1/14/20Virgo77.6%9:46 P
White Self Existing Worldbringer
1/15/20Libra67.2%11:03 P
20 d
Blue Overtone Hand
1/16/20Libra55.9%12:20 AM
21 d
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Waning Cresent
1:36 A
22 d
Red Resonant Moon
1/18/20Scorpio33.7%2:20 A
23 d
White Galactic Dog
Sagittarius23.8%4:03 A
24 d
Blue Solar Monkey

Aspects of the Moon in Leo Today:

  • Opposes Venus in Capricorn (fire to earth)
  • Squares Mars in Scorpio in a positive way (fire to water)
  • Healthy Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius (fire to fire)
  • Challenging Square to Uranus in Aries (fire to fire)
  • Trine to Pallas in Sagittarius (fire to fire)
  • Sextile opportunity with the North Node in Gemini (fire to air)

The Moon’s cycle this week is mostly affecting the Fire elements, as explained in yesterday’s post which covers the Sidereal Sagittarius alignment of many spheres including the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto! It’s quite amazing!

Screenshot from Solar System Scope app for 1/10/2020 Planetary Alignment

The Life-Giving & Nurturing Care of the Moon, Ceres, and Juno This Week

Ceres is most definitely involved in the alignment in Sagittarius, as we can see in the above image. Ceres is concerned mostly with the aspect of ourselves that involves our Care for Nature, Harvest and Planting Resources, and our own Self Care Habits. In this energy, I think Ceres is concerned with Abundance and the Mentality (Mercury) of Beneficial powers of Order to the Chaos and the can-do, no-fear attitude that it takes to manage the Crops and Goods of Life. We must not forget to know the value and qualities that our efforts produce as an effect.

I like to think that Pluto is enforcing our inner power and intuition to Remember the Power we have to Influence our Environment. For those of us that know the power of positive thinking, it brings the vibrancy of those thoughts immediately. If you hold a cup of water under stress, the molecules of the water will become discouraged. If you were to hold a glass of water in gratitude, the molecules will align and form amazing formations that will benefit your body in healing. You can apply this to anything in your environment to affect it.

Juno is in her own home territory of Virgo energy of the Mother. The mature nature of Juno as Jupiter’s wife can remind us of our Mature Feminine in our own lives, and our own bodies. In this energy, we are maturing ourselves within. We are growing and learning and analyzing what we know, have, and take part in!

The Squares Juno makes this week are to the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in Sagittarius. Reminding them all to come back to Earth, to make it real. To speak the truth, organize and control the pressure and limitations to instead go forth and work hard for the right reasons.

Self Care Tips ❣️

The Winter has come and it is time to make sure we are prepared, comfortable, and ready for what is to come. To fall and cover this season of our cycle. The warmth that the Fire Elements offer at this time is a Blessing to the presence of a Cold Winter – it’s just that we need to remember our own inner Warmth, most easily felt with those we love and activities that bring us joy and happiness.

🌋 There is a lot of activity going on out there, I highly suggest catching up with the Space Weather