Chiron Offers Deep Healing for Pallas, Lilith, the Moon – Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

Sidereal Chart of 1/15/2020 12:30 PM PST
Astrology Chart of 1/15/2020 12:30 PM PST (UTC -8) Washington, USA | Screenshot of app Chart by AstroVizor

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, of healing, mind, and communication. Today we have a lot to consider in these topics, as there is a huge Cross and many challenges we will face today!

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Pallas, the feminine warrior is struggling with the square to the Moon (Virgo), both dealing very much with the Feminine’s sense of Security & Earthly Efforts.

Pallas is also Squaring both Lilith and Chiron in Aquarius, the Water Bearer of Humanity.

Aquarius rules that of technology, biology, and evolution of humanity. We can see in every direction, how very much change needs to occur for expansion and growth to take place in a positive way for all Living Beings. Not just us humans, not just earth itself, but all other forms of life as well. The largest organism on this planet are the fungi and the most populated species are bugs – by the trillions. So let’s just take a moment to use our blessed intelligence to make the Wisest Decisions Possible about our Lives.

It is at this Time that we are in transition to, the Dawn of the Age in Aquarius. As that period of time between the seasons of Fall and Winter, we are about to be a part of the shift into a “New Age”, or Galactic Season.

Healing deeply personal issues is what the conjunction of Lilith and Chiron offers the Collective of Every Living Thing. Let that sink into every vibrant cell of your body, because this is an opportunity to clear and release all the trauma you have endured deep within your life. Opposite the Moon in the purity of Virgo, we are blessed with the clarity of this coming to life in each of our lives.

Forgive not forget. No blame, no shame.
Let’s just: Do Things Differently This Time

The Time Is Now

To complete this Grand Square Cross, is the North Node in Gemini, opposing Pluto and the rest in Sagittarius.

I find this extremely beautiful because of the Duality represented by Gemini and the Twins, or the Twin Flames coming in Union some would interpret. Met with the focused, adventure that the Galaxy and Beyond offer at it’s Core (the Galactic Sun) empowers us to Shoot Our Own Arrow with precision, perfect aim, and full confidence it’s your ability!

To be honest it’s not about a union of marriage or a one-world government…

It’s about the personal relationship with your environment, both your inner world and soul personality spark – but your galactic connection to what is outside of you. For you are an active part in all of this and more in every moment – We only need to realize how much we affect each other.

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