Creative Forces of the Outer Planets Open UP Opportunities NOW

Sidereal Astrology for the Creator Outer Planets 1/2020

The Outer Planets Screenshot of 1/10/2020 from Solar System Scope App on Google Play

Mars is in Scorpio, bringing all the watery feminine depth within the Solar Chakra below the Belt. We then get to Jupiter and Saturn, who are in (when using SideReal Astrology) both aligned within Sagittarius – along with many other spheres in our system that we are affected by this week!

This leaves Uranus and Neptune, which are bringing the energy of Aries and Aquarius, Fire and Air. You may notice that Eris is aligned with Uranus and this brings in deep layers of the self which may have dramatic changes within our bodies, lives, and relationships. Which the energy of Aries, these are most likely going to be New Beginnings to Old Cycles, or Liberation from Old Beliefs, or mental programs.

Let us remember that Vesta is also in the energy of Aries this week, and her mission is to remind us to have Renewed Faith in who we are, what we are, and why we’re here. Each playing an important, elemental role for humanity, the spheres, and the galaxies.

The Focus on Sextile Aspects of Opportunity Today

  • Sun sextile Lilith
  • Mercury sextile Chiron and Lilith
  • Venus sextile Uranus and Pallas

Alchemy Translations

  • Sun/Self has an opportunity to relate with Lilith/Sexuality
  • Mercury/Expression of Mind has an opportunity to Heal with Chiron in Aries, as well as Lilith/Sexuality
  • The Heart of Venus opens to allow Uranus of Transformations, as well as the opportunity to graduate the Feminine into Full Maturity.

What this is indicating is our own personal maturity of understanding our Root of Security and Survival and Feminine Energies of Yin.

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To really accomplish this Pallas will need to Face Herself and her Shadows, held with the energy of Lilith’s story, only to find our own way out of the depths of our own doings. To come back to life, we let all the things that we fear or have held onto the tightest, we must let them go so that they might Live On and Into the Light. Only when you are pure of heart and of the correct alignment within your self, will you be able to wield your own Sword of Truth.

Pallas must shine the light of lessons learned into every area of darkness that she can find. To sit with her feelings to process them, fight with them, to finally defeat them only by allowing them to go free.

Mercury and Uranus will encourage this release by creative, expression through talking, singing, dancing, or outrage. It may be a good time to go back to what you really enjoy doing the most and find ways to express your inner feminine and masculine, shadows, and sexuality and security in the most appropriate ways. Ridding yourself of toxic habits, people, relationships and environmental factors is required for your happiness. It is likely that these boiling points of release are to give you the courage, power, and permission to –

Do Things Differently
The Time Is NOW

Much of what we are seeing erupt in the world news, media, earth, climate, and more is due to this climatic energy of the elements as we reach the end of the 333 energies from December and enter into the Dawn, the Transition, the Shift in both our inner and outer worlds.

This is not a time to invite fear but to face it once and for all. Do not support which you despise, simply support what you love and Do What Is Right For You. Let others make their choices and express their free will and everything will be made into Gold.