Change Is Inevitable – Mise Well Make It Happen!

Today the Moon is in Aquarius and we can expect a lot of new ideas of how we can manifest the life that we actually want to have. Today we are experiencing a Tring to Vesta and a sextile to the North Node and these energies are bound to give us a good motivated kick into gear.

Ceres is in Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto, ready to make the effort to do what needs to be done. We experience a strong but positive square to Uranus that will most likely be a catalyst to this change. The hold up will be from Jupiter and Pallas squaring the North Node. We will feel some fear because growth means change. Changing what we know and allowing the unknown to unfold before us. Whether we resist or allow this change is going to determine how you perceive it, which means how you will react to it. Not that you have control over whether changes happen or not, because in the case of today – They will happen either way.

Juno is in Virgo to help analyze and make these decisions in a mature way. How do you WANT to receive the changes in your life? Of course, want to see things change for the BETTER? How do we do that?

Juno is making room for an opportunity with a sextile to Mars, encouraging action within our Solar Plexus Chakras, to make the decisions and take action. And a Trine to Mercury of Mind, to really think about what we want our environment to feel like.

Self Healing Tips ❣️

When we talk about the environment we’re including everything that surrounds us outside of ourselves. Including the people, the location, the objects, and the overall feel of the country and land, the planets and animals. There are certain places that give you a boost in creative energy, but there are others that make you feel a lack. It is those areas, those people, those energies in which are repelling you away. If you are uncomfortable it is because you are in the wrong place or with the wrong people at the wrong time. Simply notice this and things that come to mind for now.

When you walk into your own bedroom, do you feel at home? Or do you feel more at home in the forest? Your best friend’s place?

Take note of what makes you feel good and make an effort to spend more time there. With those people that lift you up easily. And the kinds of objects, pets, and planets that feel pleasant in your environment with you.

If you have things in your personal space that you don’t like – it’s time you throw them out or give them away to someone who will love and care for it. This goes for relationships, pets, chores, and anything that lessens your vibe.

By doing so you are engaging in acts of self-love that will impact you from that moment on. Creating your environment is being a part of it. Once you do that, you can start to feel like you control your environment and give it energy. Instead of it controlling you and taking your energy.