Mars & Pluto Integrations for the Solar Plexus

Today is a Tuesday, ruled by Mars and is a Yellow Overtone Sun day in the Galactic Lunar Calendar.

Mars is in Scorpio at 22 degrees, which is actually in the constellation of Ophiuchus in the sky. Ophiuchus is the serpent Holder and he is known for his overconfidence and can be associated with medicine as well. Chiron is his ruler. With this in mind, we can assume that Mars is finally in the part of Scorpio’s energy that he can handle, as he nears Sagittarius, the hunter’s energy.

Mars makes a few squares over to the spheres in Aquarius, including the Moon, Venus, and Neptune.

We can expect a lot of Solar Plexus Integration and Activations to come up. These are a where a good number of humanities diseases are held, as the ego begins to shed it’s one-too-many layers as the Solar Electric Heat and Earth’s Magnetic Fields shift, we can feel this happen with each and every one of us.

Pallas is coming through Sagittarius, aligning to the bow hand of the hunter and she’s ready to release at any moment (through Kaus Medius, Kaus Australis, and Kaus Borealis).

Pallas is opposite of the North Node in Gemini at 11 degrees (which I love, 11 as the Geminis, the node is just hanging out here lately)! Many of us are starting to feel what it could be like to live in a place of abundance and manifestation of a better world.

Anyone that realizes their own Unified Field and connection to the collective conscious selves as One are becoming much more aware of what is Your Thoughts, versus what is the Collective Thoughts. I have even begun to tell when I am sharing thoughts with my husband, as these thought-forms feel subtly different. And it’s easy to tell when you then speak and confirm that indeed, we already had thought up a plan, together!

Yet we’re still fighting within to know how to manifest this for ourselves, let alone for the masses…

What I can tell you is that whether you realize it or not, you Are Already And Always Have Been, part of the Collective Consciousness. Those who are more aware of their own subconscious thoughts are also more aware of the collective superconscious thoughts.

If you’re interested in understanding a bit more about this, I think Carl Jung really did have a good idea about the inner world, and that we are more intelligent than this now. If you can understand your own inner thoughts, then you will naturally come to understand how very connected you are. It is so to say, part of the natural process of conscious life.

Reading about this material Now makes much more sense than it did when he wrote it. In this way, we are all expanding our consciousness because of those before us! We are learning from the past, and yet we are always expanding in the future. In this way, we will always be in motion.

We see this struggle for the energy of our own feminine warrior through Pallas, as she squares both Chiron and Lilith in Pisces. This can be a difficult struggle to overcome as Chiron and Lilith still being together, is quite a strange sensation. For some of us, it blocks us from receiving what the universe has to offer. For others, that are more aware of their shadow aspects and voices, it can remind us of what not to do more easily, so as to direct us in the right direction – which is to come into Balance. I also find that my shadow has little to say when I am going in the right direction. In either case, whenever the ego is involved too much we can expect our shadow aspects to also be involved. These are both very much a part of the Solar Plexus energetic systems and it seems to be time to shed some layers as I said, the sun is heating our electric masculine energy, and bringing movement in our magnetic feminine energies. We are part of the shifts that we see on our Planet.

Vesta is in Aries at 20 degrees and is in a good position for the New Cycle after the New Moon. She is making a healthy trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Vesta is ALSO making aspects, a sextile, to Venus and Neptune in Aquarius.

Again, you can expect a lot of the energies of the cosmos to be directed at our Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras for healing. For some, this will include more Root and Crown clearing as needed. A kind of alternating energy is in the space air at this time so if you feel like your having crazy mood swings – don’t blame yourself or the universe – ask yourself to love yourself enough to let it go. Whatever comes up, listen to yourself, and love yourself through it. This is how we heal, and the thing about the Pendulum is that it will always swing back the other way soon enough.

Self Care Tips ❣️

❣️ Clear your Solar Plexus

❣️ Trace your Spleen Meridian and Stomach Meridians several times throughout the day to bring balance to these areas.

❣️ Your stomach and intestines may be really subject to inflation and weaknesses. Drink lots of fluids and eat healthy foods this week!

❣️ Avoid sugars at all costs – everyone –

❣️ Right now we may addictions come to an all-time high as we see people emerge out of their cages. Keep a close eye on your loved ones and see help from the programs that are available.

❣️ Learn to Meditate! Learning to quiet the mind and the many voices will help you to discern them, to hear them more clearly with practice.

I can now ask before beginning as I slow my breathing, “I ask my mind and multidimensional selves to be silenced at this time. I call all past and future thoughts and extensions to return back to me now.”

As I focus on my breath and my mind quiets, sometimes there are still voices and thoughts that come up and I politely address them, “I realize it is tempting to think about the future in this peaceful state but I ask that my ego remain calm and quiet now.”

Or maybe I worry about something pressing I must do, in this case, “I understand that my future is calling me but I ask that my shadow not chase me from this moment and return to the present NOW, in which we are completely safe.”

It is amazing how much those voices of my own design, are responsive to my clear and loving intention.

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