3 Major Trines Surface Major Issues in Sidereal Astrology!

I normally would focus on just Mercury and Chiron for healing on Wednesday, but considering there are Three Major Triangles today, we will look at each of them and how they are all connected. It’s likely this will take several days to fully understand what comes your way today.

Today is ruled by Mercury of Mind and we can assume that we can see the link between heaven and earth, that we can better transcend and understand ourselves as we are here and now. But also, come to new realizations of what is above is below, and what is below is as it is above.

There is one large Grand Trine Triangle in Red as the ‘challenge’. The other two Semi-Trine Triangles are green, one on the left and one on the right.

It’s important that we see what I am going to describe so I’ve included today’s Sidereal chart here for you.

The first and largest Triangle can be seen in red as a 90 degree perfect Triangle. This is made between the following:

  • North Node in Gemini at 11 degrees
  • Pallas in Sagittarius at 9 degrees
  • In Pisces completing this 90-degree angle is Lilith (5 degrees), Chiron (7 degrees), and the Moon!

Yesterday we looked at the opposition that Pallas has with Gemini, so you can read that here.

The next Sextile Triangle we can see on the right in green is between:

  • Mars in Scorpio (water) at 22
  • Juno in Virgo (earth) at 26
  • Mercury in Capricorn (earth) at 27

The other Sextile Triangle is also in green, in the same shape as the last triangle listed, but seen on the left in the image above.

  • Venus (24) and Neptune (21) are conjunct in Aquarius (water)
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius at 18 (fire)
  • Vesta in Aries at 20 (fire)

Science can’t exactly explain the pineal gland and all it’s functions because it is simple does so much more than we can know to track right now. What we do know is that it’s linked to the Dream State and secretes large amounts of DMT every night that we sleep or are in a deep Theta cycle. Monks and those who focus on deep meditation can retain consciousness into the theta state and have profound remembrance of what being awake during the dream. From these studies, we know the most. If you were to ask me where the soul is, or where consciousness expands and flows, it would be from the Central Brain Pineal Gland. With that said, Lunar Cycles are very intricately and profoundly linked. We also know now that science has proved the effects the moon has on woman’s hormonal cycles. What’s more interesting is that our sense of time also comes from our daily rhythm, managed by the function of the Pineal Gland.

What this has to do with is this Moon, Chiron, Lilith conjunction today about 12:30 PM Pacific time here in Washington, and this will slightly vary in time depending on where you are. This alignment has huge effects upon our Penial Gland is huge ways.

It is likely that the Mars, Mercury, and Juno trine, has to do with all the Solar Plexus activations we’re getting. Cutting through the shadow aspects and peeling back the layers of our ego to expose what is left there. What you are holding on to, ignoring, or blocking. It’s all rising up.

This is manifesting in many ways in which we are witnessing in our lives or those we love:

  • Increased dream remembrance
  • Recurring nightmares, especially those from childhood
  • Mood swings and frustration with old issues that “still haven’t changed”
  • Illness and disease helped within the Stomach, Bladder or Intestines which as to do also with the Root and Sacral chakras as well as the Solar Plexus wheels
  • Addictions of any kind, especially to foods you are actually allergic to, sugar, and substances of course, as well as porn, codependence, and other unhealthy attachments that you have – they are going to become unbearable in the way that you must face them

The Differences In the Heart & the Head – Feeling and Thinking

Right now Mercury of mind is spending most of the energy in working out the solar ego and shadow issues. The Heart, Venus is in the energy of Growth and Devotion with Jupiter and Vesta. What you want and feel is affecting your thoughts towards the concerns of Pallas. Feeling like we’re not yet aligned to our Purpose, the North Node in Gemini.

So our heart is pulling us into a more spiritual place.

Our mind is analyzing how it’s going to get through the barriers to get o the other side.

Our will is bound to bring us around to the other side.

What you need to do this week if focus only on what is best for you and start going after THAT – instead of wasting your precious time on all that no longer serves you.


❣️ Start Creating Your Life – Visualize, Daydream, Imagine, what it is that you want.

❣️ If you don’t know what you want, start noticing what you don’t want and quit doing those things and visiting those people. In an effort to clarify what you don’t want, it will be more apparent to you when you enter a place, meet a person, or do a thing that you realize you WANT MORE OF

❣️ If you have cleared your traumas then now is a good time to use your skills and abilities to help those who are struggling right now

❣️ If you have avoided healing issues from your past, now is a time that is best suited for these issues as they come up.

❣️ There’s a lot of learning material out there about how to positively shift your mindset and raise your vibration – I have a bunch of posts on this as well if you want to check out the different categories here on this blog 🙂