Mercury is in Aquarius Being Hugged and Loved by Fomalhaut and Sadalmelik

Today is ruled by Mercury, and we are in very great alignment with the stars right now, making amazingly helpful aspects so this is where we are focused in this post.

In Sidereal Astrology, as well as our night’s sky, we can actually see the alignments and feel these attunements.

Mercury in Aquarius SkySafari Astrology Alignment Sidereal in February 2020
Mercury in Aquarius 02-05-2020 SkySafari Astrology Alignment Sidereal

You may notice the arch in the alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Neptune Venus. Notice that Fomalhaut in the above shot, and Sadalmelik in the below image. These are really amazing energies and messages that are ‘hugging’ Mercury in Aquarius energies for All of Humanity. Fomalhaut is the Star of Archangel Gabriel, who works in the watery, emotional frequencies through Source. This is actually one of the Mouths of the Fish, as you can see clearer in the photo below.

The SkySafari App is truly priceless to view and attune to the stars in real-time!

✨ Sidereal Astrology, this is why I prefer this. Because it’s actually where in the sky, the Spheres that you chart are located in the Sky in the Moment. That’s what I’m all about – what’s it like and where is it at – right NOW?

✨ This means that I must admit, that I think the alignments and cosmic web of plasma and gas and radio waves and frequencies between them affect us here. Just like our Solar Sun affects our hearts and the Cosmic Storms play a part in our health. If you don’t believe me then you have some Cosmology Homework to do. Simply watch the videos in the comments of my Facebook posts for a few days.

Mercury Aspects Include

  • Positive Trine to the Moon & the North Node in Gemini at 11 degrees
  • Sextile to Uranus
  • Sextile to Pallas

Feminine energies are aligning and coming into balance on every level now. Transition and transformation are occurring from the mental to the physical, and the mental to the spiritual.

Emotional Releases may bubble up out of nowhere, ride it out, and don’t hold back the feelings.

Notes about the North Node in Gemini Sidereal Astrology

Personally I find myself really attracted to Orion. I am reminded of the Balance that can be acquired, and yet the struggle it takes to retain that Balance.

The War is Over Here, as much as it is there. For those of you who have felt this pull to Orion, know that the life here is neutral and there is no Blame, No Shame. We are All part of the Collective. The moon meeting here is a really great time to come into Balance.

Personally, I feel extremely blessed to be learning and practicing Reiki at this time. The energies for this transition in my life is amazingly backed by the Universe and Source in Every Way.

As much as it is for you! To those of you who are manifesting your dreams into reality, I am wishing you tons of luck and success in your desires. For those of you who are healing, and having deep clearing and surfacing happen in your life or dreams. Know that it is about coming into Blanace and Becoming One within Yourself.

Universal Self Healing Tips

❣️ Do what makes you happy and excited to change, and make your life what you want it to be.

❣️ If you feel like you are unable to do what it is you truly want, start making room for the possibility for you to believe it. Because your time is coming.

❣️ Balancing your Chakras and Chi is important and extremely successful at this time.

❣️ Meditations that focus on Release, Balance, and Radiance are Encouraged