Extremely Powerful Time for Venus in Taurus

In current sidereal astrology today, Venus is the ruler and has ALL of the power right now. Venus rules our Heart, and is associated with the Compassion and Feeling. Whatever you are feeling, is being expanded right now.

I noticed today that if I was to chart from Venus at the center, instead of Earth, it would be like our 4/4/2020 alignment with Saturn and Pluto. So Venus is in PERFECT conjunction with Saturn and Pluto from it’s own perspective, as see in the picture from Solar System Scope app. This is magnifying every quality about Venus.

Venus also just got hit straight on by a CME from the Sun, and it did affect Earth’s field slightly earlier this week.

Venus is also sitting it’s it’s home sign in the sky, which is Taurus. Giving it this extra power right now. Still conjunct with Vesta, and squares over to Neptune in Aquarius. Which is the higher octave of Venus in many ways!

This might have an interesting effect, as our Heart tries to align with it’s highest ideals and virtues. From Earth to the Sky, from the Heavens down to Earth once again.