Spiritually Grounding Partial Grand Trines in Sidereal Astrology Today

There are two Partial Grand Trines to discuss today. The first is an extremely spiritual formation between Vesta (Aries), Neptune (Aquarius), and Jupiter (Sagittarius). The second is formation is between the Sun (Capricorn), Mars (Sagittarius), and Juno (Virgo) encouraging Wholeness and Mature Reactions.

These are the Powers we are Given to help us through this challenging time of healing in our lives from a Universal Perspective.

The rest of the chart today is Red, Squares, and full of Challenges.

The North Node opposes Pallas. The Node squares the Pisces Group including Venus, Chiron, and Lilith (STILL!). This alone is a really big struggle to get everything to come together. It may seem nearly impossible to do everything you would have to do differently to get what you really want.

The tendency that Mercury in Aquarius is going to have is to look at everything with Big Picture Thinking Caps On. You’ll crave to Know the Truth. To get to the bottom of everything and look it over all at once. The mind will become flooded with information, questions, and eventually answers. If you look carefully, the answers ARE there. You just have to sift it all out to see it clearly. That is what the Neptune, Vesta, Pallas trine is there for. To lift you up so that you can see the whole picture as the Observer. Look at your life from the Birds Eye View, see the Path out Ahead of you…

You can choose to see all the challenges right now as downright difficult and resent them. Or, you could rise above it all as to see the big picture. Not letting it all bother you so much and able to set yourself up on a more mature reaction to it all.

Can you see from this higher perspective today?