The Sun, Moon and Chiron Conjunct in Pisces -Sidereal Astrology for 3/24/2020

Today we’re looking at Sidereal Astrology for the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Lilith Conjunct in Pisces Constellation as they head towards further alignment with Algenib next week. Just in time for the Master Conjunction of 2020!

Upcoming Alignment to Algenib Star – Gamma Pegasus

Algenib is in the Pegasus Constellation and is in important player in the 2020 Master Conjunction.

Fixed star Algenib is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives notoriety, dishonor, violence, misfortune, and denotes the naked and poor professional beggar. […] Penetrating mind and a strong will, as well as determination. An impressive way of speaking and a gift for oratory. In conjunction with the Sun, it will make for a fighting spirit and a love of learning. […]

Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae), Caph (Beta Cassiopeiae) and Algenib (Gamma Pegasi) are together known as the Three Guides. They mark the prime meridian of the heavens. It was believed to bless those born under its influence with honor

Algenib Star – Gamma Pegasus |

In other posts we will see why these Three Guides are important to our reality, very soon.

Today, we are being reminded to Honor Ourselves! Take care of our own and be of your own will to do what is right for you.

Your physical body is the vessel that you alone get to operate and experience life with. To be of good health means to be of good mind as well.

With the Moon here in Pisces, we resonate with the fluidity of our emotions and thoughts. Our thoughts are hard to slow, and so are emotions when they are fired up! It’s time we practice patience with ourself! The truth is that we can better serve our own inner will with good intention and definitive inner compass. (Which is your heart, not your mind.)

This is a time of HEALING for the HIGHER and LOWER SELVES

We each have a lower self, which could be called the Shadow Self in one aspect. Truly, it is facets of self that are still vibrating at lower frequencies because of past and alternative lives or indecisions. The Higher Self is that which is incredibly high frequency. The self that is closest to the consciousness of compassionate love, light, and peace of the creator and other higher life forms of consciousness.

We all have many facets to our self, and right now with: the Sun (Higher Self, DNA, Life Force), Moon (psychic, emotional, cycles), Chiron (Healing, Transition, Multi-Selves as One). They are also conjunct with the Dark Moon (Lower self, sexuality, challenge, resistance).

This is all in Pisces right now! Fluidly coming together and I’ll be the first to admit, that this is very uncomfortable. To know what you think and feel on so many levels… Consciously aware of them as well as the lower inner voices. Then there is the “motivating” force within that pushes you forward with confidence.

With Chiron and Lilith conjunct in Pisces for a while, we will be forced to reconcile with our own inner issues. Personal issues and psychic blocks will continue to rise up to be liberated, healed, and forgiven. What we need to practice now is Self Forgiveness. The only one that is truly still hurting and suffering, is that which you have burdened yourself with. We need to realize now that this is unnecessary and can be changed!

Reach out to others, or myself, for healing. Now is the time to get centered and get into true alignment with yourself. Reiki may be able to help assist clearing the virus around the world in peoples personal lives. Reiki can be done remotely, at a distance.

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