Soul Alignment for the Masses | Sidereal Astrology

It’s Monday and I’m BACK to provide the daily sidereal look into the planets through out the week, every week! Today we’re looking at the Moon, Ceres, and Juno the Life Givers and Provider Archetypes.

The Moon is making it’s way through Taurus into Gemini today/tomorrow where it’s going to be meeting with the North Node in Gemini. Tonight it’s about 35% illuminated in it’s Waxing Crescent cycle.

On 4/7, we’ll experience a SUPER FULL MOON in Virgo, in conjunct with Juno the Mature Feminine.

Juno has been here in Virgo for a while, analyzing all that is occuring and very aware of all the different aspects that are unfolding upon Earth. She is opposing the Sun/Self in Pisces, supporting the need for change but discerning what is best for the self is the challenge with this opposition.

The sun in Pisces is wide open freedom to the absolute, but this can be abstract as well. Virgo with Juno is wanting to manifest ONLY what is BEST for the future. And this is a struggle for the wide open access that Pisces has to the whole. Finding this balance of what is pure and what is worthy, is difficult as they are different qualities. We must remember this for ourselves right now, as we get to know both the higher and lower parts of our self.

The great healing of the shadows from the collective is transending through this difficult time. While we are being told to stay home, we are being forced to face ourselves and those closest to us.

Ceres is in Capricorn, waiting to reap the benefits of reward from transcending into the harmony and acceptance of life as it is now. So that the earth and it’s creatures can all live in harmony. It’s interesting that as it approaches the humanitarian way of Aquarius, that Ceres rides the tip of the mountain and waits patiently. She squares Venus in Taurus, and Trines the Moon in Taurus. Taurus the bull is a large constellation, so this energy is being used to balance both in challenge, and in harmony, for the greater good that is available to Ceres.

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