Transmute the Suffering with Pallas and Jupiter in Sagittarius

Mars is in Capricorn in Sidereal Astrology today where Pallas is conjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mars is our center of Will and Purpose in Action. So with the go-forth energy of Capricorn of the Mountain Goat, we’re really feeling like we want to GO and DO and BE.

This is a great energy that can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. But if we haven’t noticed, the whole world feels like it’s in a pause, a shift, on hold. So this is really frusterating for our inner will power, to be contained and requested to stay put. Especially on Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars.

Pallas and Jupiter, conjunct in Sagittarius (at 29 degrees, about to enter Capricorn) and these stars make up the knee and feet of the Centaur that is Sagittarius. The centaur is half human, half horse and so we’re feeling the movement from below before it rises to shoot it’s bow far into the galaxy.

Remember that Jupiter and Pluto are going to come conjunct on 4/4/202 0 this weekend. (Join the mass meditation with us at 7:45 PM at 4/4/2020!) Truly this alignement is going to be involving Earth, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto very strongly aligning us to the powers from both above and below in union.

To fully support all of this we have Vesta in Taurus, aligned to the Pleiades Cluster. Hades is known for sorrow, the Pleiades for suffering. Truly suffering is only necessary for healing, transformation, and transcending. We must realize with Vesta here, that we indeed meant to transcend all suffering.

You too, with the Earth, is in the in the process of transmuting the suffering. To heal, it will take time, attention, and care.

Join the mass meditation with us at 7:45 PM at 4/4/2020!