Wide Open and Willing to Have a Change in Mind & Heart

Mercury is in Aquarius and being that they are both attuned to the Air element, this is not an uncomfortable possition to be in. This is where Mercury gets to access the majority of it’s information, lifestyle, and philosophy. It’s a good time for learning and adapting to the world and it’s changes.

Chiron is in Pisces conjunct with both the Dark Moon and the Sun. This was the case last week as well, so we’re busy integrating both the Higher and Lower selves into the whole. This is happening for most within the subconscious, which slowly makes itself known to the conscious thinking mind in the form of changes being manifested at a quickened pace when the heart is aligned to the desire for change.

It’s safe to say that all of humanity is caring for the aches of humanity during this pandemic. We are all realizing how devisting for all of us this is. It’s something we can’t run from, yet we’re being told to stay home for our own safety. That that is the best solution for the majority of the popluation, to stay put and trust that the world is healing without further spread of this virus.

We can take this oppurtunity to align ourselves to what we WANT for the entire human collective. Much of our world needs to shift into a new system that works for everyone alive here on the planet. New abundance systems and equality is possible when this is what the majority of the world wants to experience.

That shift starts in each one of our lives by how you treat your self, your family, and your own pets. Are you a living example of what you want to see in the world?