Security Breach of the Inner Selves At Play

Chiron, Lilith, and Mercury are all conjunct in Pisces in Sidereal Astrology. If we take a deeper look at its alignment we can find Algenib pushing us through to a more complete understanding of ourselves.

Chiron is concerned with healing, of both the mortal and immortal kind. Both the human and in-human kind. He’s about transition, transmutation, and changing of our ways of life for the betterment of the self-development and growth process.

Lilith, the void, the ‘dark side’, or the ‘sensual’ and sexual nature is a primal one. We have to understand that we are more than we think we are, in terms of the power of thought, ability, skill, and purpose. These hidden agendas of influence really affect our ability to discover our own inner powers and this becomes a struggle as we progress in life. Some could argue that they ‘attack themselves’ for not doing this or that, and at times, this is because we are ignoring our primal needs in thinking they are negative or undesirable. However, our primal nature knows what it is we need to survive and is not so concerned with our wants or desires. To the effect that some of what we perceive as our ‘shadow’ is actually our primal nature, although disturbed or distorted it may be at this time.

Mercury is about our mental realm and consciousness, ruling the throat chakra of expression and action in motion for the purpose of co-creation. So whenever we have Mercury with either Chiron or Lilith, we can expect a little more expansion than we may normally see in our thoughts and expression.

Algenib is a star of the Pegasus Constellation, who is known for being the messenger of the sky, carrier of the light of the heavens, and service to all.

There are many angles that are affecting this and we’re seeing a square to the north and south nodes, and the opposition to Juno, of our mature inner feminine energies in Libra. So this is really causing a need to balance our magnetic heart center, to our way of thinking and being.

The shadow, or deeper selves, are emerging to be expressed through its channel, you. Whatever you may be holding on to for a source of excuse, that is causing you an unstable reality. These things are going to become unbearably apparent in many ways. Causing us to feel certain that we are ready to change our reality, backed by Chiron and the willingness of the mind of open to the energies of the heartfelt life of feelings and intuitive knowing.

We all know that we are being provided the time to do things we wouldn’t normally pull ourselves into doing. Many of the outside excuses are being put on hold. You are left with only your own excuses, in which many of your inner personalities are ready to push through and relieve once and for all.

Many are being faced with fear and worry for many reasons. We are being challenged to learn new ways of dealing with what causes us fear. The reality of not wanting to accept a life of fear, and very willing to search for solutions to these areas of our life moving forward.

I don’t think there’s a lot of dark things to go through, I think there’s a lot of made-up darkness that we create and if that is the case, it’s up to us to realize that part of our self that is a creator of false or illusory ideas. Our imagination gets the best of us, we’re human.

Soul searching is thus a balance of the whole-self being realized in all its qualities in light of unity. Not only polarity. duality is a density, a plane if you will.

It’s true that I think others have been manipulating in dark ways for a long time, there is a lot of false outside truth about anything. However, the science of the collective is providing a pathway to prove the truth of itself. What that science tells us now is that we are all of the same creation in this universe.

The spirit lives within each of us. It is that spirit, in which we call spirituality. no matter how much your ego or shadow or outside influences. The truth is, your spirit has been the spirit the whole time and to each, it guides.

The world is initiate and eternal. It doesn’t matter to me so much if what is in my life is light or dark, because of the first awareness of life is in itself both. (This is a very Law of One way of thinking, however accurate you let it be).

I am a neutral player in the Universe of All. I am not afraid of the dark, nor the light. I play both sides and to each their own.

The courage of each of us is being tested, and through the challenge grows certainty and security within each creation itself.

Self Care Tips ❣️

  • Meditation, go deep within
  • Kundalini Yoga, Breathing, and Meditation
  • Karuna Ki Reiki – or other, Compassionate Heart Centered Healing

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