Solar Self Squares the Outer Planetary Powers

Today the Sun is at 1 degree Aries, entering a refreshed start to our being. However this squares the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn today. This is the major aspect today as the Sun also squares everything else near this conjunction in Capricorn/Sagittarius area of the cosmic life. Including the Sun squaring: Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn.

Basically, we are challenged to integrate in various ways our Power, Development, Magnetism, and Responsibilities. We’re provided the guidance, will, and confidence with Sagittarius/Capricorn energy that is undeniable to it’s effect.


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If you watch today’s daily Space Weather video (below post), then we’ll find this chart which shows the Galactic Center Fluctuation Increases in just the last three years. This is the Galactic Center that I consistently mention, which is located in Sagittarius.

Neptune by the way, is just hanging out, untouched in Aquarius today as an observer of the Chiron/Lliith/Mercury (see yesterdays astrology) and this epic square off we are having within ourselves, our collective, and our planet.

Energy Influences Today

Serious indications from the KP as we’re in a ‘watch out’ for solar flares. Those effected by solar energy and radiation from it may have a difficult day or some coming up, those with heart and circulation issues please take it easy!

Galactic Time Signature