Lightning Bolts to the Mind of All Who Will Listen |

Sidereal Astrology As Alchemy for 4/27/2020
Monday is ruled by the Moon

To start the week we have Hamal aligned with the Sun and Uranus in Aries. And let me just tell you straight up, this is a strong head game and things are going to feel like they are shifting beneath your feet.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, a lot of violent bashing and war can take place with Hamal conjunctions.

The fact that this is also the True Spring Equinox should bring in kind of shift in energy that either devistates, or recreates life.

With the Sun, making this alignment it really does mark the first days of Spring.

Uranus meets up with this as a conjunction to the Sun and this may cause things to suddenly change, as if over night. And maybe this is postitive, or negative in your life.

Next, we’ll look at where these High Chakras, such as the Crown and Brow Chakras from the Sun and Uranus are pointing the horns of a sheep named Hamal.

The Sun/Uranus is sextile with an opening to the Moon in conjuct with the North Node in Gemini, as well as Ceres in Aquarius. We’ll discuss these now, since it is Monday after all!

The Moon is conjuct the North Node in Gemini today. The north node is the assumed direction that we want to be going. Which is in Gemini for communicative, open, research, development, co-creation! The Emtional Mind which is the Moon, is focused on these concepts and ideas right now.

Ready to open up to new ideas, projects, interests. We’ve all been provided plenty of time to dig into ourselves for some bordom cures, right?! So it’s time to Spring into action, and Uranus the Time Lord is here to throw some lightning at us to spark some action!

The Moon trines over nicely to Ceres, and she is in Aquarius. Ready to harvest on ideas of unity, humanity, growth, technology! She’s ripe with passion for life and all it’s beauty! This trine might allow us the insight to seek out the SOLUTIONS. What does it take to find an answer?

It takes, first, asking a question.

Identify and form The Question.

Then, you may have the hopes of answering it!

Tomorrow we’ll check back on this thought and see what kind of activity Mars will offer!

Now is a time to think before you act. To question everything. To get informed and connect with others. It is NOT a time for acting out of turn, being rambunctious, or road raging to the nearest store.

Take your time. Do your own research. Don’t take the test if you haven’t studied for it. And form questions if you expect to ever receive answers to them. This will allow you to find solutions for All. Then, you can share with the world what you have found, that day is not yet to come. That’s okay. Take your time.

Energy Updates Today

Today’s Soul Themesong

Nahko, Medicine for the People – “Dragonfly”

You should put that cigarette out
You should have faith in my mouth
Like my mother, like your son
Like my temperamental lungs
Each piece fits into the next
I come out black, and I’m not white
Both reveal me and my sight

You’ve got twinkles in your eyes
You say vegetarians save lives
But there’s your wings, to spike my back
There’s your baby’s passing death
Will there be one more of me?
Close your eyes, and try to hide

From my former dragonfly

Little bear woke in the woods
Chipped and spit
In that bed, under the covers
I’ve been stealin’ from my lover
Woman talkin’, not replaced

To my former dragonfly
I resist and I survive

What a state I brought this to
Logic lies I decide
But what’s that say of my character?
I’ll retreat back into nature

Will there be one more of me?
To my former dragonfly

I resist and I survive, survive

survive [8]Lyrics to “Dragonfly” by Nahko Bear, Medicine for the People

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