Galaxies and Stars aligned to the Inner Influences of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mercury

Earth, Sun, Mercury Conjunction Today in Aries

We have a PERFECT Mercury, Sun, Earth in Aries, with conjunct alignment in sidereal astrology to Almach, of the constellation Andromeda. This is a double star, that is one of Andromeda’s feet, in some myths this foot is in a pool of water, connecting her in two worlds, fixed here in the sky by this foot.

Sidereal Astrology Today

This star gives a helpful Venus nature, and has to do with lending a hand in spiritual afairs and concerns.

This is a picture of this alignment from Almach, which is actually above us so I took this screenshot from below Earth (seen at top).

This is so beautiful to me and to be totally honest, it’s not even aspecting to anything else. This Earth, Sun, Mercury alignment is all on its own. It’s standing alone.

Mercury is of Mind, Consciousness, Thought.

Sun is our Self, DNA, Sprit to Phsycial, Physical to Spiritual.

Earth to the Sun is a child, as are all the planets. Where we are the children of the Earth.

What’s even greater interest to me is that Andromeda, is considered our sister Galaxy to the Milky Way. We will eventually collide and become a super galaxy in about a billion years.

Moon and Juno conjunct in Virgo

I know today is ruled by the Moon, which is in Virgo (sidereal remember), which is almost in perfect alignment to Porrima, Goddess of Prophecy. Juno and the moon are actually conjunct here today.

If you haven’t caught Leo King lately, he’s on fire over here: Era Of Providence 2020 Decade Astrology Predictions The Leo King Dec 31 2019 “This is a time more than ever to get the truth out there to people.”

This Truth Teller King of Astrology right now is out there making a lot of noise for us to consider ourselves very deeply, very personally lately.

What does Providence have to do with the Moon and the stars of Gamma Porrima of Virgo? Everything.

A small reminder that our Local Galaxy Cluster is very intertwined with the Local Virgo Galaxy Cluster. What that implies is the local Galaxies being within the same area of the Universe as a Whole. So anything we can identify with here, is most closely matched or aligned with Virgo we should take an extra moment realize our own effect on what is around us.

For example, do you have more effect upon your friends or your roomates? Your Partner that you live with, or your Best friend? You might talk to your best friend every day, as like your partner. But in your immediate shared environment, you’d note that not only do you effect your partner and environment “more”. But also, they affect you more as well. They are in your immediate proximity of influence energetcially. Do you have other noted effects both upon and from those that live in other countries? Very much, personal connections can be nurtured from any distance.

So when we see an alignment in Star Astrology, that attunes to Virgo we know and can say, “That’s in our proximity” or, “that’s in my environment”. And the same is true for Andromeda, which is technically a part of our Local Group of Galaxies also.

So everything about our Inner Personal Planets is hitting home, its close, it’s personal. Really personal.

We can assume that the Outer Planets are really, more about the Social and Political structures in general. And this is really a powerful time for the collective, however cycles repeat. Time is now, it’s not linear like you perceive your past and future to be.

In a lot of ways, you know this happens in your own life. You repeat the same mistakes until you decide to DO something differently and try something new. Until the cycle is broken, until something different happens then it turns over in the same way it knows how. Our systems are designed in this kind of cycles and loops, patterns can be found and learned and repeated.

We wouldn’t learn anything if we didn’t create these ways of learned process, and if we didn’t pass it on to our children then we wouldn’t ever learn anything new or develop past hunter gather creatures.

If I’m the first to tell you that evolution is not the story of Origin, it is only a theory of nature’s courses of development over a seriously extended time. Not the kind of time we experience in a few thousand years. Greg Braden in “Missing Links” (whole show found on breaks this down very well indeed.

I think we were very much ‘put here’ with intention, with a purpose and an idea. I also think that we come to live here because we want to, with intention. I think we evolve as slowly as souls, as we do in evolution. Described very well in the Law of One content.

So to say that life is what YOU make of it. Life reflects back at what YOU do. What cycles that YOU learn, and then follow.

The only want to change any cycle is to DO something differently.

What are you going to do this time around?

PS: Uranus, ruler of the Galactic Calendar listed below, and Uranus is also in Aries too and is technically conjunct with the Sun and Mercury today. Just, just to ya know, add to it. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.

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Science News Updates Today

You can see the footage of Mercury, shining brightly back at us transiting the behind the Sun. Pretty awesome.

“Close Asteroid, Plasma Cosmology, Sun/Storm Watch | S0 News May.4.2020” by Suspicious Observers
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Mentioned Missing Links, this is Episode 1: Cycles of Time. It is episode 3-5 that explains the origins of life and science in a way that allows understanding and truth to shine out from all angles in your own life experience. From someone who has been there himself, and studies the sources that we can only begin to embrace if we are willing.