Fire Day for Action from the Sun & Moon for Balance

Today is Monday, ruled by the Moon after yesterday by the Sun in classic Astrology. So we’ll look at both of these today.

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The most Powerful spheres today are the Sun, and Saturn.

The Sun is at 26 Aries, which is aligned to Botein. Botein is the belly of the Sheep that is Aries. I find this interesting because of today’s Moon Phase being Waning Gibbous at 72% illumination, of Balance.

Notably, this is a Fire day. We have 7 powers in Fire, 6 in Air. And a wooping 13 Yang and only 4 Yin today. We’re really really in a lot of electric, masculine energy today.

The Sun and Moon are making a beautiful trine this afternoon, that is indeed positive. And the Sun also makes a trine over to Neptune in Aquarius.

The Moon is spending the day in Sagittarius mostly (sidereal) which is showing up as Capricorn in tropical systems. No particular star alignments to note, but this is the lower legs and feet area of Sagittarius notably. And has indeed traveled near the Galactic Center Sun recently, say yesterday.

Moon Phase is at 72% illumination, in the phase of Balance. We would be wise to find ways to come into better balance in our lives. Take the most action in the ways that will bring you better into balance and wellness in your personal lives.

The Sun in Aries, the Moon in Sagittarius, these are both fire signs. Both are adventurous and can be outgoing. So our over all nature will be open and active today no doubt.

Probably a pretty good day to get somethings done, cross some things off the list.

Energy Updates

Science Updates

Suspisious Observers 5/11 report today
On 5/9 there was another CME, here’s some footage and comments on that. We can see from the Schumann Resonance chart above, it didn’t spike too much in the last few days, however that could still be on it’s way and we can see the KP index in Suspicious Observers that we may not have received it at home yet.