Physical Go-Mode as we struggle to Understand the Vision

Friday is ruled by Venus in classic rulerships and relates to our Heart Center. This week it turned RETRO. Which means a slow down and recycle phase, with a bit of a strange effect on things usually. Other planets that are also in retrograde right now include Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Juno. Thus, this effect is happening in our heart, sex, vitality and power areas. We’re feeling a little congested energetically. However, it pulls in power to the Self, the Mind, and leaves a lot of room for Transformation and Healing by Mercury, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, and Pallas.

Solar System Scope image of Earth, Moon, Venus, Sun.

Venus feels at home in Taurus, so that’s good!

But.. the negative square to Neptune, might leave us feeling a little clouded. I know the collective is buzzing with change in the air, under our feet, in our skies. You no longer have to be “awake” or “spiritual” to see the effects, you can just spend some time looking around at nature. You can be the scientists.

Things, are changing all around. And it’s beautiful to behold in one way, and terrifying in the other. Just like anything, it’s all perspective. Venus is at home in Taurus, and now is when we can look around and use our physical senses with great success. Our bodies are capable of miraculous things, and they are being integrated to the natural environment with great success.

However the veil is thick if your trying to look through it, instead of stepping over to the “other side”. Which includes both what you know, and what you are yet to discover. It is our minds that we now must face. To make our own decisions for ourselves and about our environment.

Neptune is in Aquarius, holding space for the Age that is Now Approached Our Culture in Full Effect. (Watch the science, articles, and evidence, go to the sources, the origin, the author. Do not listen to the social posts, memes and media. Find out for yourself, we all have homework to do.) However it is not being recognized easily. Find out for yourself with your own Inner Vision. And you your owh Physical Eyes to look around. That helps too.

This is what Neptune really is to us, Inner Vision and Discernment, Intuition, and Navigation. Basic Navigation Sense:

If your facing the wrong way, you’re going the wrong way.
If your facing the right way, you’re going the middle way. Which is through.

Loving Life With Light, Lee Bowden

Neptune is sextile to the sun, who is also in Taurus. So we’re really capable right now of great physical capabilities and healing and strength. It’s a good time for blowing off the extra energy in the air by using it as energy to motivate you into action and work hard. Many of us are still at home, so what? Get to work! For your family, your home, your neighborhood and city in different ways.

This is what the Age of Aquarius looks like in early development. This is what we are to recognize. As the planet shifts and changes, we will be forced to adapt to our land. Practice and learn, a few solar blasts at the wrong time without warning could take away our electronics, the pole shifts could illiminate our mechanics and cars as we know them. However, if we prepare now with more free energy, local food, and neighboring village cooperation. Then you, and I, have a change. It starts now.

Here’s some motivation:


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