Moon & Mercury Making Amends

Monday is ruled by the Moon in Pisces. Which is making a sextile over to Mercury in Taurus. This is a bit of an opening for our true emotional nature to open up to the mind, the matter, and the material that is always presently available.

The Moon Phases of the Waning Crescent, that falls over the next few days (from 10% to 0% illumination, as seen below) – is about Release, finding Peace, and the return to the Void. Letting all that blocks and hinders you, to fall away into the void and pull you closer to that which you truly desire. So that you can see, that you have what you need already to take the next step.

The contrast is the the Moon today, is passing over the Black Moon point, which is the Void. So it’s interesting that this moon phase is leading up to the point as well, so we’re getting a bit of this “release it” energy now, and it will continue for a few days yet.

My advice during this phase is to let the healing arrise, get some help, and let it out. This is NOT the best time to bottle things up, supress feelings, or do things that dont feel good that might lead to the creation of things to surpress. This is a time, for expressing through the Mercurian Mind, and bringing thoughts into form.

It can be a great time to manifest from this, and put your thoughts and feelings in alignment. For those who are comfortable expressing, they are more likely also manifesting faster. As co-creation is increased with intent of others as well.

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